The Guardian - Cryptic crossword No 25,158 - Nov 3 2010

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Clues Answers
'Peers' bats squeal EQUALS
After end of war, pressure in cooker fixed by a Tommy? ROCKOPERA
Casual inaction restricts a plant NICOTIANA
Checked and balanced SQUARED
Energy positive: head off for viewers' protection EYESHADE
Energy put into re­vamp­ed Trivial Pursuit sadly ends in well-known 1 down RELATIVITY
Good money gets cur drunk (superior drink?) GRANDCRU
He commonly 2 26 27: a formulaic account of this acceleration run-off NUCLEAR
Hitler activity: sacking any CO without a certain bra capacity OCCUPANCY
I say large is fine by me COOL
Internet joke supply? EQUIP
Main inhabitant's lidless coal store placed at angle CUTTLEFISH
Man taken in by politic­ian's speculation THEORY
Match put to second curtain holder TIEBACK
Mineral water ultimately put in impure zinc when oxygenated ZIRCON
Clues Answers
Novel writer Verne dismissing western as 'profane' IRREVERENT
Ornamental edging as found on dinner plates? SCALLOPS
Pines burning? Little chance of that LONG
Pistol faced with Big Bertha would be so overwhelmed? OUTGUNNED
Removal of member from a redcap university rubbish club not right AMPUTATION
Roger's information received via this system TWOWAYRADIO
Russian city pen with different top — very KIROV
See 21 SHOT
See 5 across REACTION
So off-the-back-of-a-lorry bargains not quite appropriate here? CARBOOTSALE
Spike's football side not Southend SPUR
[email protected] finally reversed disease TETANUS
Switched old body with Brummie presenter EMCEE
Three for the hero of century taking ring from other heroes? CHEERS
Way after test date TRYST