The Guardian - Cryptic crossword No 25,001 - May 4 2010

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Clues Answers
A colleague of Castro is hurt ACHE
A diner's battered fish SARDINE
American ready to go on the wagon BUCKBOARD
Athlete once taking part in preliminary round MILER
Bar constraining river passage EXCERPT
Church leader almost up to date with list that's circulated MODERATOR
Cops — insert rank INSPECTORS
County going after car dealers MERCHANTS
Fiddle starts to sound clear as mud SCAM
Fish taken back to jetty more likely to be a kipper? SLEEPIER
Flora is dug out to identify tree DOUGLASFIR
Gaffer not the last with decoration on chest BOSOM
Go on about horse CHUNTER
Independent state ent­er­tained by Jagger? MAVERICK
Move right outside capital to find pet BUDGERIGAR
Clues Answers
Observe distinction NOTE
Old Greek and English monster OGRE
One sees record producer first of all with time inside SPECTATOR
Send for the auditor — king reveals main losses SHIPWRECKS
Series of calls by bore with bad posture ROUNDSHOULDERED
Service area retaining the same flipping means of communication MASSMEDIA
Soak too much STEEP
Soldier extremely rude about armed vessel PRIVATEER
Stiff young man going round Land's End BODY
Straight men with blanket for head DIRECTORGENERAL
Surround club after sin? Not entirely ENVIRON
Times providing cover for new saint AGNES
Wader that may be found in wood KNOT
With a single exception, not quite noble BARON
Write about city centre without bungling INEPT