The Guardian - Cryptic crossword No 24,919 - Jan 28 2010

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Clues Answers
Acclamation over a tumult, such as Ben Hur CHARIOTEER
Awkward mound due to something in the middle DUODENUM
Backing for old age RETIREMENT
Benefit favouring the healthy PROFIT
Conveyance said to be generous HANSOM
Flier over Iran may help to get 7 WIRING
Foulness, say, is light ISLAND
Free place given precedence, which is rotten PUTRID
Introduction to a stiffly formal ruler? PRIMER
July nuts cracked with criminal intent UNJUSTLY
Latest thing in London topiary? CUTTINGEDGE
Leave record in river DEPART
Lodge broken contract once emanating from Victoria GOLDENARROW
Clues Answers
Mail pony beaten by athlete OLYMPIAN
Murphy takes a shot at nothing POTATO
Not altogether courteous, almost icy, nothing but a party type POLITICO
One uses sleight of hand to deceive one in box CONJUROR
Person secures zero return using a computer ONLINE
Plant makes radio almost quiet RADISH
Reader's possessive YOUR
Sight and sound of a monumental building EYEFUL
Source of exotic food sounds capital DELI
Spirits for composer and poet GINSBERG
Spots hesitation with less careful cut RASHER
Underwear that's left to hang about LINGER
Vehicle with one in pursuit CHAISE