The Guardian - Cryptic crossword No 24,446 - Jul 21 2008

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Clues Answers
Arranges parking under cover for games SPORTS
Cat required? There are quite a few in the pound OUNCE
Commonplace name for a penny-farthing ORDINARY
Conditions under which horses race RIDERS
Counterfeiting next year's coins is progressing well FORGINGAHEAD
Demand payment out of turn EXACT
Fresh meat sailors swallowed VERNAL
Hat-clutching salesmen, crawlers REPTILES
I'd upset a client, just the same IDENTICAL
I'm back in present command DOMINATE
Identified boy embracing pretty girl LABELLED
Light superstructure of the Statue of Liberty TORCH
Necessitate a note before Latin revision ENTAIL
Need to have a match around when it's dark BLACKOUT
Clues Answers
New blow follows strike, leading to depression in the land PUNCHBOWL
Not allowed permit for market OUTLET
People mending pipes SEWERS
Quick diet a man ordered ANIMATED
Rather small drunk TIDDLY
Recognising gin and tonic ingredients NOTICING
Remove a coat - or much more STRIPOFF
Rosalyn and Ethel may be looking for happy relationships LONELYHEARTS
Settle on the end of a bed spring DWELL
Skinny artist who has designs on his clients TATTOOIST
Soldier-husband who tries to supply all one's needs GENERALSTORE
They're responsible for split sides but firm middles COMEDIANS
Worker goes in taxi from Cambridge CANTAB
Yet this could be one word - life LONGSENTENCE