New York Times - Sep 24 2004

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Clues Answers
'It ___ add up!' DOESNT
'King ___ Lives' (much-ballyhooed 1986 film flop) KONG
'The Farm' or 'Still Life With Old Shoe' MIRO
'___ next?' WHOS
19th-century women's rights advocate Elizabeth ___ Stanton CADY
Abandoned ship, possibly WENTOVERTHESIDE
Admission discount recipients, often SENIORS
Ancient Balkan Peninsula dwellers ILLYRIANS
Because of this, in legalese HEREAT
Beer from Japan KIRIN
Brightly-colored marine polyps SEAANEMONES
Bucket conveyor's load ORE
Bull or Bear, e.g. MAMMAL
City nesters PIGEONS
Collide with RAM
Decade satirized in 'American Psycho' EIGHTIES
Dispatch SEND
Dumb performers MIMES
England's third-longest river TRENT
Enter via cracks SEEPIN
Expression of disbelief STARE
Fact-finding mission RECON
Flightless birds that can run up to 40 m.p.h. CASSOWARIES
Flimflammery CONS
French city largely destroyed during the Normandy campaign CAEN
Geritol ingredient IRON
Gibson's 'Lethal Weapon' role RIGGS
Going nowhere IMMOBILE
Good point VIRTUE
Helped out in a crisis RALLIEDAROUND
Clues Answers
It settles indoors DUST
Jug head? WARDEN
Key with no sharps or flats AMINOR
Like calliope music CIRCUSY
Maximally ATMOST
More delicate TOUCHIER
Not straight WAVY
Odin's home ASGARD
One of Mars' twin sons REMUS
One of the Ewings on 'Dallas' PAM
PC alternative IMAC
Place for a throne DAIS
Plastic handle? VISA
Right hand AIDE
Sad statement ALAS
Salsa instruments MARACAS
Self-control WILL
Sinai sermonizers IMAMS
Sticks with sticks PRODS
Strengthen BEEFUP
Tail, maybe SPY
The Hatfields and McCoys, e.g. BITTERENEMIES
They're rigged MASTS
Title character from Shakespeare ANTONY
Toss more than a few back TOPE
Unhelpful friends of alcoholics ENABLERS
Unmatched feat RECORD
___ Cruz, known as 'the queen of salsa' CELIA
___ function TRIG
___ land LALA