New York Times - Sep 22 2004

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Clues Answers
'La Débâcle' novelist ZOLA
'Let's Make ___' ADEAL
'Unimaginable as ___ in Heav'n': Milton HATE
'___ and Lovers' (D. H. Lawrence book) SONS
'___ Heartache' (Bonnie Tyler hit) ITSA
1973 #1 Rolling Stones hit ANGIE
A different approach NEWSTEPS
Airline to 39-Down SAS
Aleutian island ATKA
Allots, with 'out' METES
Any of the Phillies, e.g. NLER
Assn. ORG
Audited, with 'on' SATIN
Big maker of A.T.M.'s NCR
Blacken CHAR
Blackens TARS
Blown snow DRIFT
Boris Pasternak heroine LARA
Charge RUNAT
Chisel or gouge TOOL
Clarinetist Shaw ARTIE
Code word for 'A' ALFA
Consolation of a sort RAINCHECK
Conspicuous success ECLAT
Corp. money head CFO
Court infraction FOOTFAULT
Cube root of eight TWO
Cut (off) LOP
Dam on the Nile ASWAN
Dewy WET
Elton John, e.g. SIR
Fed. construction overseer GSA
Greek peak OSSA
Hidden dangers LANDMINES
High-class, as a restaurant HAUTE
Holy ___ GRAIL
Clues Answers
In case that's true IFSO
Island rings LEIS
Italian wine-growing region ASTI
Japanese porcelain IMARI
Jostle ELBOW
Lawn Boy product MOWER
Lawyer's undertaking CASE
London theater district WESTEND
Maserati competitor FERRARI
Midwest home of ConAgra OMAHA
Mockery SHAM
Model Gabrielle REECE
Monkey business MISCHIEF
Newsman Sevareid ERIC
Olin of 'Hollywood Homicide,' 2003 LENA
Oversized volume ATLAS
Place for a select group SHORTLIST
Player without a contract FREEAGENT
Popular 80's-90's TV sitcom NIGHTCOURT
Sauce with jalapeño SALSA
See 64-Down OSLO
September equinox, and a hint to the starts of 18- & 62-Across and 2-, 3-, 10-, 33-, 37- & 38-Down BEGINNINGOFFALL
Shakes up ROILS
Shiraz native IRANI
Slalom course move ZIG
Slippery sort EEL
Suffix with east ERN
Take ___ (travel) ATRIP
Understood KNEW
Verb preceder NOUN
William who has a state named after him PENN
Winter driving aid SNOWTIRES
Winter Olympics venue RINK
Yellow shade OCHRE
Yes ___ ORNO
___ the world MANOF