USA Today - Sep 21 2004

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Clues Answers
"Peanuts" fussbudget LUCY
"Serving ___" (2002 film) SARA
"Tommy" group THEWHO
"Waiting for Lefty" playwright ODETS
1995 earthquake city KOBE
64-Down arbiter NBA
Accounting entry DEBIT
Actress Thurman UMA
American taxpayer's ID SSN
Bulgaria's capital SOFIA
Butt holder ASHTRAY
Canadian singer k.d. LANG
Clinton's birthplace HOPE
Complicated account SAGA
Composer Liszt FRANZ
Contragate figure NORTH
Cry from the tickled? STOP
Degrade ABASE
Didn't get a seat STOOD
Disgust SICKEN
Dot follower GOV
Eight hours, to many workers DAY
End of the observation YOUENDINTHEHOLE
Facilitates EASES
Female with a sting WASP
Food wrap brand SARAN
Gherkin kin DILL
Great amounts SEAS
Grind one's teeth GNASH
Hall of Fame stat ERA
Horse cart DRAY
Howling hunters HYENAS
Imperial PURPLE
Impulse conductor AXON
Invite ASK
It's in the Bible TEXT
Joins together FUSES
Kentucky college, or its town BEREA
Clues Answers
Lancelot and Galahad SIRS
Like some candies or fresh breath MINTY
Literary Lamb ELIA
Nabisco nibble OREO
New Jersey cagers NETS
Not leave leaves RAKE
Nothing NIL
Nothing ZERO
One of Seventeen? ISSUE
Out of shape UNFIT
Parking ticket alternative TOW
Part 2 of the observation YOUSHOOTFOR
Part 3 of the observation THEGREENAND
Put through the wringer DRIED
R.M.N. opponent HHH
Reason for a parental reprimand SASS
Repeatedly tie the knot? TAT
Sanctify using oil ANOINT
Sasquatch cousin YETI
Shellac, for one RESIN
Sidesteps EVADES
Smidgen IOTA
Snake River locale IDAHO
Snatches NABS
Spot for a cap KNEE
Start of a clubhouse observation GOLFISLIKETAXES
Storage space SILO
Straight-laced finger-wagger PRUDE
Trendy HOT
Truism AXIOM
Turned blue, perhaps DYED
Valhalla ruler ODIN
Vent opening? PRE
Weekend warrior's woes ACHES
Wetland MARSH
Word with Mexico or England NEW
Writer's shortcut ETC