New York Times - Sep 7 2004

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Clues Answers
'Boot' in the Mediterranean ITALY
'Good buddy' CBER
'Love Story' author Segal ERICH
'Oklahoma!' aunt ELLER
'Pumping ___' IRON
'There ___ free lunches' ARENO
'___ Ben Jonson' (literary epitaph) ORARE
Actress Foch and others NINAS
Addition column ONES
Alternatives to Reeboks NIKES
Attach, as a patch SEWON
Attack verbally SNAPAT
Celeste who won an Oscar for 'Gentleman's Agreement' HOLM
Center of a cathedral NAVE
Chem. or biol. SCI
Civil rights activist Parks ROSA
Concealed shooter SNIPER
Crest alternative AIM
Divans SOFAS
Door opener KNOB
Dorothy's home in 'The Wizard of Oz' KANSAS
Doubting Thomas CYNIC
Eye holder SOCKET
Facilitate EASE
Female W.W. II grp. WAAC
Gen. Robt. ___ ELEE
Group of confidants INNERCIRCLE
Gutter location EAVE
Heats just short of boiling SCALDS
Hock shop receipt PAWNTICKET
Jacob's twin ESAU
Kind of boom SONIC
Knock out of the sky DOWN
Like a dryer trap LINTY
Limb holder? TORSO
Los Angeles player LAKER
Mary ___ Moore TYLER
Mine find ORE
Clues Answers
Minute WEE
Money substitute SCRIP
Narrowed TAPERED
Office necessity DESK
Pick a card DRAW
Place for a mower SHED
Place for sets and lets TENNISCOURT
Point between Hawaii and Guam WAKEISLAND
Poker player's declaration ICALL
Prefix with port or pad HELI
Property claims LIENS
Reporter Clark KENT
Response to 'Are not!' AMTOO
Rocks at the bar ICE
Rodeo rope LARIAT
Russian leader before 1917 TSAR
Settles up PAYS
Shamu, for one ORCA
Silt, e.g. DEPOSIT
Slightly tattered WORN
Snapple rival NESTEA
Some awards MEDALS
Some loaves RYES
Spanish dish PAELLA
Stick in the water? OAR
Suffix with switch EROO
Surf's sound ROAR
The end ___ era OFAN
Ticks off IRES
Tiddlywink, e.g. DISK
Tribe defeated by the Iroquois ERIE
Unskilled laborer PEON
Villa d'___ ESTE
Webster who had a way with words NOAH
What an analgesic stops PAIN
Word that can precede the last word of 17- and 63-Across and 10- and 25-Down TRAFFIC
___ pro nobis ORA
___-Magnon CRO