New York Times - Sep 6 2004

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Clues Answers
'Good shot!' NICEONE
'Let me repeat ...' ASISAID
'Pretty amazing!' NEATO
'She Done ___ Wrong' HIM
'Vive ___!' (old French cheer) LEROI
1920's vice president Charles DAWES
Accidentally reveal LETSLIP
Anatomical pouch SAC
Anger, with 'up' RILE
Appetizer STARTER
Bill Clinton's relig. affiliation BAP
Bits of land in la Méditerranée ILES
Bogey, in golf ONEOVER
Boom producer, for short TNT
British P.M. Tony BLAIR
Child by marriage STEPSON
Coin opening SLOT
Committed, as an act HASDONE
Covered place to sleep TENTBED
Downtown Chicago THELOOP
Dressed up in a fussy way PREENED
Environmental prefix ECO
Founded: Abbr. ESTD
Germless STERILE
Get together with old classmates, say REUNE
Go off, as a bomb EXPLODE
Greek letter ETA
International alliance ENTENTE
Italian resort on the Adriatic LIDO
Lenders, often LIENORS
Lottery player's exultant cry IWON
Maternity ward arrival NEWBORNBABY
Clues Answers
Most cheeky PERTEST
New-___ (devotee of crystals and incense) AGER
Nile viper ASP
Obstreperous ROWDY
Ogled EYED
On the ocean ASEA
Organize differently, as troops REORDER
Paid out SPENT
Patronizes a library READS
Percentage listed in an I.R.S. booklet TAXRATE
Pie pans TINS
Playful aquatic animal OTTER
Put on board, as cargo LADE
R & B band ___ Hill DRU
Requiring immediate attention EXIGENT
Schubert's Symphony No. 8 ___ Minor INB
Shakespearean king LEAR
Somewhat firm, as pasta ALDENTE
Staples Center player, for short LALAKER
Start of a forbiddance DONOT
Summer: Fr. ETE
Traditional end of summer LABORDAYWEEKEND
Trail PATH
Uncles' mates AUNTS
Vertical line on a graph YAXIS
Wand ROD
What a plane rolls along TAXIWAY
Wheel turner AXLE
Woman who's 'carrying' EXPECTANTMOTHER
Yankee Stadium locale, with 'the' BRONX
___ constrictor BOA