The Guardian - Cryptic crossword No 23,341 - Jan 3 2005

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Clues Answers
Advancement crucial to a school principal PRESSINGAHEAD
Appropriate ceremonial form in speech RIGHT
Came across an intro that's different RANINTO
Changing role in era that's past EARLIERON
Cut of the cloth? TITHE
Daily prayers for those suffering from Oedipus complex? OPUSDEI
Dampcourse laid across another sort of course WATERJUMP
Difficulty in hearing TRIAL
Disturbed rhino and gnus stampeding ONRUSHING
Girl had to change a quid before getting the drinks DAIQUIRIS
Hour being struck for close acquaintance NEIGHBOUR
I write in red, not green RIPENED
Large cat making a row about midnight TIGER
Like the accent of US space admin figure? NASAL
Clues Answers
Makes teenagers obstreperous GENERATES
Much rain about a part of China MANCHURIA
Old coppers went by foot PENNYFARTHING
Old friends are unlikely to meet at this club YOUTH
Quaker's companions? FRIENDS
Saw work that's splendid RIPPING
Sort of disease treated by district nurses? ENDEMIC
Swift portrayal of a rude lout YAHOO
They're not real instances of motorway madness MIRAGES
Three caroused, when involved in a bit of a domestic row TERRACEDHOUSE
Travelled free to Oxford, say, and got married HITCHEDUP
Trousseaux for painters of nudes? BOTTOMDRAWERS
Two Poles about to come up with nothing? Untrue NOTSO
When students make merry music RAGTIME