The Guardian - Cryptic crossword No 23,308 - Nov 24 2004

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Clues Answers
A twit is relaxed ATEASE
Adriatic peninsula or its air force ISTRIA
Copper on trial is most charming CUTEST
Early music - such row and discord DAWNCHORUS
Find aura unusually bold UNAFRAID
Firework caught in present container? STOCKING
Flight in Midwest with Batman accessory ESCAPE
Fortune presently in besieged city LUCKNOW
Goddess given the bird RHEA
He gets a penny and makes a pile HEAP
High taxation in East Leeds? Not quite ELEVATED
Humorous remark made by working class about Labour leader PLEASANTRY
Journeymen with a man in uniform following them THEMAGI
Clues Answers
Lawrence accepts greedy bird returned by philosopher DAVIDHUME
Myriad, like the men of York? TENTHOUSAND
Of a type of rock since found in the sea BASALTIC
Play with bad lad behind sauna ANIDEALHUSBAND
Poet sticking head in river after midday APOLLINAIRE
Prohibition circumvented by US president with a flower arrangement IKEBANA
Punitive damages for concealing sacred writings VEDA
Reckless lady urged with caution GUARDEDLY
Report delayed by engineers RELATE
Rod, getting pale and sickly, died WAND
Song containing single note? A loathsome thing ANATHEMA
Spend little on fabric that's soft SCRIMP
State of French college DECLARE
Trim binder initially presented by recordproducer? TAPEDECK