New York Times - Aug 26 2004

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Clues Answers
'Alas!' AHME
'Lorna ___' DOONE
'Open all night' sign, maybe NEON
'Seinfeld' character NEWMAN
19th-century author/hymnist who advocated 20-Across JULIAWARDHOWE
19th-century dress reformer who advocated 20-Across AMELIABLOOMER
19th-century writer/lecturer who advocated 20-Across SUSANBANTHONY
Antarctica's Queen ___ Mountains MAUD
Attacks HASAT
Author Calvino ITALO
Barks up the wrong tree ERRS
Baseballer Boggs WADE
Book of the Book of Mormon ENOS
Bruins home, for short UCLA
Certain whiskey RYE
College in New Rochelle, N.Y. IONA
Dash lengths ENS
Daycare charge TYKE
Détentes THAWS
Division preposition INTO
Dreaded virus EBOLA
Dundee denial NAE
Elbow hard JOLT
Encroachment INROAD
Fearful TREPID
Fed. bureau with agents ATF
Feline in un jardin zoologique TIGRE
Flake material BRAN
Flecked horse ROAN
Fraternity letters RHOS
German steel city ESSEN
Grounded jets SSTS
Grp. with a famous journal AMA
Idyllic spots EDENS
Inspirer MUSE
It has bands with music RADIO
It may give you a charge TNT
Clues Answers
Like 'der,' in Ger. MASC
Like many a quip: Abbr. ANON
Measure of capacitance FARAD
Mme., across the Pyrenees SRA
Morales of 'N.Y.P.D. Blue' ESAI
Neat as ___ APIN
Needle holder PHONOGRAPH
Nouveau ___ RICHE
Passed through, as a rope REEVED
Place to get hitched, perhaps COURTHOUSE
Prevalent RIFE
Proceed WEND
Rakes in EARNS
Rear end RUMP
Retained HELD
Rhode Island, with 'the' OCEANSTATE
See 34-, 42- and 55-Across VOTESFORWOMEN
Setter HEN
Six-footer ANT
Snack BITE
Speed demon RACER
Strongholds FORTRESSES
Subj. of a 1984 Stephen Ambrose political biography DDE
Tree or door feature KNOB
Trollope's 'Lady ___' ANNA
Univ. V.I.P. PROF
Walk down the aisle? USHER
Wealthy, in Juárez RICO
When said three times, 'et cetera' YADA
Whiz of a tennis server ACER
Word processor command UNDO
___ & Whitney (aircraft engine manufacturer) PRATT
___ Beta Kappa PHI
___ sax TENOR
___-jongg MAH