New York Times - Mar 8 1998

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Clues Answers
'Get ready for the camera!' SMILE
'Hold the Line' rock group TOTO
'Phooey!' RATS
'___ Bell' (Stephen Foster song) KATY
1920 Colette novel CHERI
1969 Peace Prize grp. ILO
52-Across and the like EXAMS
Afore ERE
Alum, for one SALT
Ankles TARSI
Antitoxins SERA
Appealing CUTE
At this point HERE
Attempt to irritate? GALLEFFORT
Audio effect ECHO
Author Calvino ITALO
Await judgment PEND
Backing for plasterwork LATHS
Backside DUFF
Beautiful Berry HALLE
Before long ANON
Bit of physics ATOM
Bow on the screen CLARA
Bryn ___ College MAWR
Bugaboo FEAR
Bunches of bits BYTES
Button material NACRE
Cap'n Hawks of 'Show Boat' ANDY
Caruso portrayer LANZA
Cause for Chapter 11 DEBT
Chopper part ROTOR
Cinematographer Nykvist SVEN
Cold powder SNOW
Collector's book ALBUM
Connecticut Bulldog ELI
Country's border? NATIONALHEM
Court defense ZONE
Devonshire dad PATER
Directs a hoedown CALLS
Dorm companion ROOMMATE
E.T.S. offering PSAT
Electrical setup RELAY
Emulate Isamu Noguchi SCULPT
Epitome of hardness NAILS
Eucharistic plate PATEN
Eye layer UVEA
Fat or wax LIPID
First name in daredeviltry EVEL
Fixed the pilot RELIT
Fluff up TEASE
Force back REPEL
Former West African capital LAGOS
Fowl place COTE
Gamboling spot LEA
Garfield's middle name ABRAM
Go parasailing SOAR
Goldbrick MALINGER
Grange lacrosse team? TENFARMERS
Grow past the hour LATEN
Has a bug AILS
Helios, to the Romans SOL
Help for a mountaineer SHERPA
Hurts badly MAIMS
In a flap? FLUTTERY
Increase the slope of STEEPEN
Clues Answers
Jam session feature SOLO
Kind of sauce: Var. TARTARE
Kitchen cloths DISHRAGS
Kitchen gadgets CORERS
Krypton and xenon GASES
Like 'The X-Files' EERIE
Little one bypasses the altar? PYGMYELOPES
Maker of the game Pong ATARI
Married people SPOUSES
Mask features EYEHOLES
Mattress brand SERTA
Member of the Winnebago nation OTOE
Milk, in combinations LACTO
Mix, in a way ALLOY
Mixed bag OLIO
Nada NIL
Night cover SHEET
O.A.S. member: Abbr. MEX
On the horizon AHEAD
One of the Thomases MARLO
Out of ___ (grouchy) SORTS
Overjoy ELATE
Part of a girl's magazine dealing with makeup? BEAUTYPAGE
Pay stretcher OLA
Penn Station initials LIRR
Philly champion? PENNWINNER
Plying with pills DOSING
Pool shot CAROM
Prefix with com TELE
Protection against tampering SEALS
Put forward ASSERT
Random bits TAGENDS
Religious knights TEMPLARS
Sale caveat ASIS
Script ending URE
Shampooing aftermath SNARLS
Side by side ABREAST
Sideboard CREDENZA
Sing in a full, happy voice TROLL
Sleeves of a sports jacket? SERGEATARMS
Slide in sleet SKID
Small type AGATE
Sojourn TARRY
Something to heave SIGH
Sounds of contentment PURRS
Stowe character ELIZA
Straight HETERO
Succulent plant ALOE
Swell top CREST
Tattered Tom's creator ALGER
The lot ALL
Theater backdrop SCRIM
Timber problem DRYROT
Tone down SOFTEN
Tops in quality FINEST
Treasure State capital HELENA
Tube, over here SUBWAY
Understand GRASP
Used stickum GLUED
Utter impulsively BLURT
Veldt sight ELAND
Vestibule item COATTREE
Washing LAVAGE
Winnebago, e.g. LAKE
Winter Palace resident CZAR
Yarborough component, perhaps TREY
___ breve ALLA
___ precedent SETA