Universal - Aug 6 2004

Clues Answers
"Steppenwolf" writer HESSE
"The Lost World" menace TREX
"The One I Love" group REM
"The Outcasts of Poker Flat" author Harte BRET
"___ Frome" (Wharton classic) ETHAN
About 2.20 pounds KILO
Act the fink TELL
Arch rival ENEMY
Aromatic salve BALM
Automaton-themed play of the 1920s RUR
Barker and Kettle, e.g. MAS
Bonds is hot on his trail AARON
Button word PRESS
Cavern phenomenon ECHO
Certain singing voices ALTOS
Collector's adjective RARE
Corp. big shot CEO
Cosmonaut Leonov ALEXI
Cunning bloodhound? O-no! CONHUNTINGDOG
Disciplinarians, essentially STICKLERS
Emir's Almighty ALLAH
Excellent, to the MTV crowd PHAT
Feeling of wonder AWE
Game plan SCENARIO
Garlic units CLOVES
Gibbon, for instance APE
Guileful SLY
Has an inclination TENDS
Hesitation sounds EHS
Ides rebuke ETTU
It reveals what's cooking MENU
Legendary Ripken CAL
Lemieux's org. NHL
LPGA's Se Ri ___ PAK
Magazine edition ISSUE
Major rte. HWY
Melville tale OMOO
Clues Answers
Middle Eastern nabobs EMIRS
Model's asset SMILE
More courageous GAMER
Mushroom cloud maker ABOMB
No. after a no. EXT
Not pro ANTI
Notable hat style in American history STOVEPIPE
Noted NASCAR sponsor STP
Oasis abode TENT
Operatic solo ARIA
Outspoken OPEN
PIN place ATM
Play start ACTI
Play surfaces? STAGES
Propose dinner and a movie ASKOUT
Queen, of mysteries ELLERY
Radio's PBS NPR
Rat-___ ATAT
Rebound attempt? O-no! BASKETBALLHOP
Schematic detail, briefly SPEC
Scintilla IOTA
Sierra ___ LEONE
Sign of things to come OMEN
Singer Mary J. BLIGE
Some Mardi Gras wear MASKS
Some sci-fi pilots ETS
Those between viscounts and marquises EARLS
Timeless Christmas wish PEACE
Transmitted SENT
Turn back REPEL
Where the last flight ends? ATTIC
Wild guess STAB
With a dropped jaw AGASP
With complete accord ASONE
Word before man or boy BAT
Word said in grace BLESS
Yale attendees ELIS
Yuletide abbreviation XMAS