The Guardian - Cryptic crossword No 22,514 - May 8 2002

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Clues Answers
(and 15) 'E's calming people in motion SLEEPING
A festivity for one 13 that's not 13? AWAKE
Beast that's 13 is a pushy one BULLDOZER
Ceremonious posturing without us in poet's triumph OERCOME
Child was 13 in this story KIDNAPPED
Drink to press organisation's free protection against those charged SUPPRESSORGRID
Endearing syrup? GRENADINE
Feeble king usurped by one from this island SICILY
Foul is done behind the ball ONSIDE
Gargled with hiccups to make a wet mess DRAGGLE
Grouse about Grampian town's 10 PTARMIGAN
Hasten to stay? MAKEFAST
In Truro, remove the old city for a start INTRO
Incite rioting to protect last Roman, say CITIZEN
Clues Answers
Longboat's carrying quills SPINES
Needles' formation is supplying sea with wee one STOCKINGSTITCH
No issue is sure when this queen is in step STERILE
Normal to have one in a record that''s blissful PARADISIC
One 13 with the fish KIPPER
One who designed everything in Flat 10 PALLADIO
One's brief trade with a Mediterranean isle IBIZA
Paper detailed one uplifting epic ILIAD
Post-match, of course CORRESPONDENCE
Simpson's attitude turned without wine RIOJA
Told what roadie does for a bit of tack NOSEBAND
Vegetable to do for start of dinner CHARD
Write English essay without a hint of colour, energy, or insight PENETRATINGEYE