New York Times - Mar 1 1998

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Clues Answers
'Brain Trust' Prez FDR
'Eleni' director Peter YATES
'Ford ___ better idea' (old slogan) HASA
'Hard Lines' poet NASH
'Odyssey' peak OSSA
'Taras Bulba' author GOGOL
'The Fisher King' director GILLIAM
'The Gondoliers' nurse INEZ
'___ can eat!' ALLYOU
10,000,000 ergs JOULE
Abide STAY
Actress Long NIA
All there SANE
Arabs, Hebrews, etc. SEMITES
Babylon's land IRAQ
Bacchus attendant SATYR
Batting a thousand ONAROLL
Body build FRAME
Cabbage collector, for short IRS
Certain vertebrae SACRA
Chevy Chase title role FLETCH
Church projection APSE
Conclusion of many a poet? RHYMEDOESNTPAY
Contend, colloquially RASSLE
Correction section ERRATA
Crag TOR
Crinkly cloth CREPE
Derbies HATS
Derby doings BETS
Designer Simpson ADELE
Did derbies RACED
Displaces BUMPS
Don't waste REUSE
Ebon JET
Emmy-winning Rob REINER
Fictional Dinsmore and Venner ELSIES
Fighting force ARMADA
Filmdom's Robert and Alan ALDAS
Flatten, in Britain RASE
Forum wear TOGAE
Friend of Coleridge ELIA
General assemblies PLENA
Give a hoot CARE
Give off EGEST
Give off EGEST.
Good earth LOAM
Hankered YENNED
Hi-fi buys LPS
High: Prefix ALTI
Hitches TIESUP
Horse height measure HAND
Hose hue BEIGE
Iranian city QUM
It's got ewe covered WOOL
It's played with matches LOTTO
Jeff's '77 Sunset Strip' partner STU
Job preceder ESTHER
Joust contestant TILTER
Khartoum's country SUDAN
Kinetic art form MOBILE
King of a Handel oratorio SAUL
Krupp works site ESSEN
Kyrgyzstan's ___ Mountains ALAI
Labor activist Chavez CESAR
Lance STAB
Clues Answers
Lead head? MIS
Lowly ones SERFS
Lowly ones SERFS.
Machinating UPTO
Manx 'Thanks!' PURR
Many people sit around it ARENA
Meal starter OAT
Mercury : Sable :: Ford : ___ TAURUS
Merlin of football and TV OLSEN
More than simmer BOIL
Need to reimburse OWE
Neighbor of Turkey SYRIA
Noble, in Nuremberg EDEL
Objective IDEAL
Old-timer, of sorts DEAN
Open wide GAPE
Opinion of Keats poetry? ITSTHESAMEODESTORY
Outdated poet suffix ESS
People SOULS
Perfume billed as 'The forbidden fragrance' TABU
Peruvian Sumac YMA
Pesky insect EARWIG
Pew locale NAVE
Poet's favorite 1972 hit? IAMBWOMAN
Poet's outlook on life? ITCOULDBEVERSE
Poetic contraction EEN
Pointless OTIOSE
Portuguese city OPORTO
Promotional overkill HYPE
Protected, in a way PATENTED
Provincial capital in the Dominican Republic MOCA
Reaches over SPANS
Relevant, to lawyers ADREM
Result of poetic license? ASSONANCEWILLHAPPEN.
Roar of the crowd OLE
Roof type LEANTO
Sacred poem PSALM
Sans nuts, e.g. PLAIN
See 34-Across CARA
Senator of 1967 censure DODD
Shakespearean couplet description? ITSSONNETSLASTLEGS
She's married...with niños MADRE
Some 'Aïda' singers BASSI
Sooner migrant OKIE
Springs LEAPS
St. John, e.g. ISLAND
Stand at wakes BIER
Stand at wakes BIER.
Stand for Steen EASEL
Substance in soaps PALMOIL
Suffix akin to -ity URE
Swindle SCAM
Tailor's tool SHEARS
Tailor's tool SHEARS.
Talk about Tennyson poems? IDYLLCHAT
Tamper-resistant SEALED
Tel. listing abbr. RES
Ticked (off) TEED
Too hot for tots ADULT
Unconfirmed reports RUMORS
Venetian official, once DOGE
Vow taker PROMISER
What a disaffected Japanese poet might become? AHAIKUDROPOUT
What one gets reading poetry? ABARDSEYEVIEW
Wild things SAVAGES
Winged ALAR
With 68-Down, 'Fame' actress IRENE
Xylophone striker MALLET