The Guardian - Cryptic crossword No 22,437 - Feb 7 2002

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Clues Answers
24 down letter from Beiderbecke: about to duel with student revolutionary BILLETDOUX
Anyone for having 24 down for nought? TENNIS
Bat, wrinkled with age, may go to pot TEABAG
Bell rung in the style of 25 ALARUM
Cat is kept by chimp to spur the taste buds APPETISE
Class leaders with 24 down-ing French pretender CLAIMANT
Cosmic rotary factor? LOVE
Courage and its Dutch origin? SPIRIT
Excessively 24 down ode to United Nations (piano setting) DOTEUPON
Field with a single calf? Don't touch! LEAVEALONE
French lady-24 down - Tony's with her in company CHERIE
Guided minister of German blood to devour poor Kent BLUNKETT
Join the ranks and down may follow FALLIN
King whose heart was 23's? LION
Clues Answers
Mother's hole that wasn't there MACAVITY
Mountain climbing, an encouragement for a sort of 24 down PLATONIC
One in 24 down (one may hope), settled in cafe FIANCE
Provide water to Baltic city in strange rite IRRIGATE
Queen (English) - second ditto with English song BERENGARIA
Second little article with skill supplied by 24 down-ed one SWEETHEART
Shepherd's 'History of the Mouth'? PASTORAL
Similar to or less than 24 down LIKE
Study of insects - 50% the bee, they say - is to put one out of circulation ENTOMB
Syrian port to drink, a form of pop ALEPPO
The fruit of 24 down does not die OLIVES
Trick most of third power lately come to earth FOXCUB
Type of gun to be crazy about STUN
Universal wrong number backed with the same notes UNISON