The Guardian - Cryptic crossword No 22,368 - Nov 16 2001

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Clues Answers
... heavy metal material composed for guitar on record CORRUGATEDIRON
... like crab that's cold? NIPPY
A goddess, losing heart, encountered sun god rising ARTEMIS
Blocks the rowers' seats THWARTS
Course taken by each pupil, held authentically by the Lord Chancellor GREATSEAL
Demonstrated how to suit a particular individual? BESPOKE
Exhausted character who's mad about Guardian compiler SHATTERED
Hegel's interpretive method, in a manner of speaking, takes one chapter DIALECTIC
Home established in primitive setting with determination EARNESTLY
Inactive treatment for rank smell PLACEBO
Islamic leader's always poetical about me EMEER
Keen to have one foot in the grave? DYING
Leading question, perhaps, to which wet hero at sea? WHERETO
Look directly as I shout aloud EYEBALL
Clues Answers
Making a little ballerina nervous is foolish INANE
Number at wit's end with hunger for a short while NOTLONG
One making divine to carry holy books, establishing a bond with others IDENTIFICATION
One who helps in centre for inalienable rights ENABLER
Order member's compass in sultanate ORANGEMAN
Pope's crown from Ireland''s capital in place of Irish kings TIARA
Prison novel initially giving Archer total exposure NEWGATE
Raw food served by South American husband to me ... SUSHI
Rock singer is the French number one after learning ... LORELEI
Solving this may be depressing GETTINGONEDOWN
Spoon allowed as personal adornment NECKLET
Storybook character turned out bad and, emerging, ran GINGERBREADMAN
Two relatives I've brought back from the mountain NANDADEVI
Was diet confused with sex? EXISTED