Universal - Jul 17 2004

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Clues Answers
"Born Free" star ELSA
"Carry out your orders" MAKEITSO
"Delta of Venus" author NIN
"It comes ___ surprise" ASNO
Accomplished REALIZED
Adam's third son SETH
Alarm sounder GONG
Alien of sitcom fame ALF
All used up SPENT
Artistic movement? UPSTROKE
At the summit of ATOP
Aurora's Greek counterpart EOS
Banker's attention-getter? LENDMEYOUREARS
Bar none ALL
Blasting need TNT
Bleated BAAED
Blithering one IDIOT
Boat propellers OARS
Canine specialist's degr.? DDS
Cardinals, Orioles and Blue Jays TEAMS
Certain sauce RAGU
Conductor's assistants TRAINMEN
Devious maneuvers PLOYS
Disc jockey's attention-getter? DONTTUNEMEOUT
Dr. Raymond Damadian's brainchild MRI
Dutch follower OVEN
Electronics brand RCA
First name in fashion OLEG
First word of a Frank McCourt title TIS
Former Spanish coin PESETA
Frozen stiff AFRAID
George Takei in "Star Trek" SULU
Head for the hills LEAVE
It might get you a ride TOKEN
It's about time! ATLAST
Kind of pilot TEST
Like some trigger fingers ITCHY
Madness IRE
McKellen of "X2" IAN
Clues Answers
Medicinal acronym AZT
Meetings, on the hush-hush TRYSTS
Merriment GLEE
Mesozoic, et al. ERAS
Muzzle loader RAMROD
NASA scratch NOGO
Noted descendant of Homer BART
Nowhere near AFAR
Numeral on some clocks VII
On ___ (equipotent) APAR
Out-of-towners GUESTS
Part of a pharaoh's headdress ASP
Part of a still VAT
Pick a target AIM
Plant aperture STOMA
Possessive adjective THEIR
Practiced deception FAKED
Ranger's outfit ARMY
React to a slap? REDDEN
Respond to reveille ARISE
Sea separating Greece from Turkey AEGEAN
Serving item TRAY
Seventh book of the Bible JUDGES
Sharp projection JAG
Show contempt SNEER
Small queen ANT
Some articles ANS
Still getting around SPRY
Suit of old ARMOR
Teacher's attention-getter? LISTENANDLEARN
Teenager's attention-getters YOS
Thurman of "Kill Bill" UMA
Tic follower TAC
Washing cycle RINSE
With, in Paris AVEC
___ breve (musical notation) ALLA
___ Haute, Indiana TERRE
___ Paulo, Brazil SAO