New York Times - Feb 25 1998

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Clues Answers
'Bali ___' HAI
'Fix' SPOT
'Kapow!' BAM
'Lucid' stream, to Thomas Gray AVON
'Norma ___' RAE
'Nothing doing!' NOWAY
'___ she blows!' THAR
80's White House nickname RON
Actress Raines ELLA
Ancient Greek colony IONIA
Andrews of 'The Mod Squad' TIGE
Astronomical phenomenon MOONSET
Broadway blinker NEON
Carlo Levi's 'Christ Stopped at ___' EBOLI
CD-___ ROM
Chalet support, possibly AFRAMEIBEAM
College conferrals DEGREES
Crystal chandelier sound TINKLE
Day of 'Pillow Talk' DORIS
Director Preminger OTTO
Do a post-Challenger diagnosis XRAYORINGS
Downyflake alternative EGGO
Emergency food of Operation Overlord? DDAYKRATION
Emolument FEE
Endures apprehensively SWEATSOUT
Eye color HAZEL
F.B.I. agent's communication GMANSEMAIL
Hasten HIE
Important Phoenician city SIDON
Inc., overseas LTD
It may be fatal FLAW
Jalopy CRATE
Keep an ___ the ground EARTO
Kin of op. cit. IBID
Kind of flea or dollar SAND
Letters from 12-Down XIS
Clues Answers
Licensed ENABLED
Like sharp cheese AGED
Literary olio ANA
Loses control SNAPS
Magna ___ CHARTA
Michael Caine spy movie BLUEICE
Mom's offering TLC
Month after Adar NISAN
More than miffed IRATE
Of no use OTIOSE
One from Hanover EINE
Overjoys ELATES
Paradises EDENS
Parks of civil rights ROSA
Penned WROTE
Pup's cry YIP
Refusing to listen DEAF
Resided DWELT
Sartre's seas MERS
See 59-Across OYL
Sourdough's find ORE
Start of many instructions FIRST
Straight: Prefix ORTHO
Sugarcoat GLAZE
They may be slippery ELMS
They may have a crush on you BOAS
Tuck's partner NIP
TV's Matlock BEN
United rival TWA
Vegas opener LAS
Wallet wad ONES
Ward (off) FEND
With 63-Across, comics girlfriend OLIVE
Worn away EATEN
Writer's joy FANLETTER
Zaragoza sir SENOR
___ mode ALA