Wall Street Journal - Jul 16 2004 - July 16, 2004 - The Paper Chase

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Clues Answers
'A Christmas Carol' name EBENEZER
'Oppression et Liberté' author Simone WEIL
'The doctor ___' ISIN
'The Trial' author KAFKA
'The Waste Land' monogram TSE
'Two Years Before the Mast' author DANA
'We'll teach you to drink deep ___ you depart': Hamlet ERE
'___ Grows in Brooklyn' ATREE
A little fun? REC
Acapulco article LOS
African bloodsucker TSETSE
Aladdin's monkey ABU
Amendment abolishing slavery XIII
Apprised of INON
Authorize EMPOWER
Bakery advertisements AROMAS
Baseball Hall of Famer Al KALINE
Bear the expense of EAT
Bee activity SWARMING
Blood-typing letters ABO
Bride follower TRAIN
Cattail setting MARSH
Closely allied ARMINARM
Colorful sight in the sky AURORA
Concede ADMIT
Counselor to Captain Picard TROI
Crichton critter DINOSAUR
Croatian capital ZAGREB
Depilatory brand NAIR
Deposer of Obote AMIN
Diplomatic agent ENVOY
Dogpatch denizen ABNER
Don of talk radio IMUS
Don't knock till you've tried it DOORBELL
Drops from the sky RAIN
Either of two NT books COR
Emulate Buffy SLAY
Fall apart GOTORUIN
Familiar, as friends OLD
Feet in a pound PAWS
First female attorney general RENO
Flagship of a 1493 voyage NINA
Foil for Garfield ODIE
Frame parts JAMBS
Freight weights CARLOADS
Goes with the flow ADAPTS
Halvah base SESAME
Handles WIELDS
Holdup cause OUTLAW
Hotel that's home to the Palm Court PLAZA
Humorous Harvey KORMAN
Hurricane home MIAMI
Inspired shout AHA
Introducer of fashion's H-line DIOR
It may be habit-forming CLOTH
Italian soup ingredient ORZO
Kin of 'Presto!' TADA
Knock on the noggin BONK
Landing place JETTY
Like cranberries TART
Like some odds LONG
Lofty poems ODES
Look good on BECOME
Made baskets SCORED
Margaret Thatcher's middle name HILDA
Mediums SEERS
Meriting a ten IDEAL
Mexican meat CARNE
Mideast bigwig EMIR
Clues Answers
Milo of 'The Verdict' OSHEA
Monument Valley sights MESAS
Morales of movies ESAI
Neighbor of Zambia ANGOLA
New Orleans sub POORBOY
On the dot SHARP
On ___ (rampaging) ATEAR
One of the Baldwins ALEC
One way to serve chicken ALAKING
Org. that publishes the Consumer Information Catalog GSA
Paper ___ (blatant white-collar criminal?) TRAILBLAZER
Paper ___ (clerk who's a real nag?) WORKHORSE
Paper ___ (directors at a publishing house?) BACKBOARD
Paper ___ (dispenser of fives and tens?) MONEYLENDER
Paper ___ (extremely flat building?) DOLLHOUSE
Paper ___ (fastener connection?) CLIPJOINT
Paper ___ (golf clubs for a pretender?) TIGERWOODS
Paper ___ (office supply store section?) WEIGHTROOM
Paper ___ (recycling rod?) TOWELRACK
PC core CPU
Pick on playfully KID
Piece of Monterrey jack PESO
Pitched properly ONKEY
Place LIEU
Place to pull over RESTSTOP
Pole seeker of 1909 PEARY
Poor man's wad ONES
Pound of meter EZRA
Quantum theory pioneer BOHR
Register for ENTER
Ripe quality ODOR
River of Flanders YSER
Run a tab OWE
Salt setting in a margarita RIM
School subj. ENG
Secondary material FILLER
See 119-Across ELS
She has a ball DEB
Sign on the back ENDORSE
Sitcom station WKRP
Spheres REALMS
Stiff-upper-lip sort STOIC
Stir ADO
Story line? ELEVATOR
Street of fiction DELLA
Subject for Monet SUNRISE
Suburbanite in the fall, perhaps RAKER
Sun stopper BLIND
Surname of a famed marionette DOODY
Table salt, e.g. CHLORIDE
Tag antagonists ITS
Target AIMAT
The Blues Brothers, e.g. DUO
Troy story ILIAD
Turner of records TINA
Ultra-bright DAYGLO
Untroubled ATEASE
Warmhearted KIND
Way to go EXIT
Went lickety-split TORE
With 58-Down, 1997 U.S. Open winner ERNIE
Word on an Ethiopian map ABABA
Words before impasse or angle ATAN
World-weary JADED
Writer-illustrator Silverstein SHEL
___ bit (slightly) AWEE
___ buco (veal dish) OSSO
___ es Salaam DAR
___ Xers (baby boomers' kids) GEN