Universal - Jul 12 2004

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Clues Answers
"Diff'rent Strokes" star Coleman GARY
"Love ___ Madly" HER
"Madama Butterfly" accessory OBI
"The Island of the Day Before" author ECO
"Tosca" tune ARIA
''Carmina Burana'' composer Karl ORFF
''The Sons of Katie ___'' (1965) ELDER
''Touched by an Angel'' star Downey ROMA
''___ life!'' GETA
1775 foe of the British MINUTEMAN
4.0, maybe GPA
Aberdeen maiden LASS
Allowing access AJAR
Ancient Greek harp LYRE
Antecedent to riches RAGS
Battleship score HIT
Big Band ___ ERA
Birthday candle giveaway AGE
Breathtaking garment? CORSET
Brightened LIT
British ruler in India, for one VICEROY
Brunei coin SEN
Caesar's welcome AVE
Cagey SLY
Cameo stone ONYX
Capital on the Willamette River SALEM
CD follower ROM
Certain billiards shot CAROM
Chamberlain epithet STILT
Chop copy EDIT
Clairvoyance SECONDSIGHT
Classify blood TYPE
Cobbler's replacements SOLES
Cold symptom SNIFFLE
Computer enthusiast TECHIE
Conifer FIR
Don't put this before the horse CART
Dubai leaders EMIRS
Emulate a banshee WAIL
England's Isle of ___ ELY
Expanse SPACE
Falcons' home (Abbr.) ATL
Far from ruddy ASHY
Fashion designer Claiborne LIZ
First name in slapstick STAN
Fujiyama feature SNOWCAP
Genesis resting place ARARAT
Give wolfish looks OGLE
Given new life REBORN
Gold digger's aim ORE
Great amount SEA
Guerrilla Guevara CHE
Harpy, e.g. EAGLE
He's grim REAPER
Help for many a mom and dad DAYCARE
Henry VIII's house TUDOR
Hindu teacher GURU
Historic introduction? PRE
Horror film sound SHRIEK
Island country in the Pacific PALAU
It likes the night life OWL
It's a gas in Las Vegas! NEON
Jeans topper, often TSHIRT
Kind of figure HOURGLASS
Lamp contents, once OIL
Lawnmower part BLADE
Like an excellent guard dog ALERT
Like good penmanship LEGIBLE
Locale of miraculous cures LOURDES
Lofty poem ODE
Long-faced SULLEN
Luminous coating DAYGLOPAINT
Macbeth trio HAGS
Major leaguer, e.g. PRO
Clues Answers
Make suitable again READAPT
Many a New Year's resolution DIET
Marine growth SEAWEED
Meddler YENTA
Most balmy MILDEST
Mouth-related ORAL
Natal lead-in NEO
Nation once called Dahomey BENIN
Nosegay contents, perhaps LILACS
Not a guzzler SIPPER
Not a whit NIL
Not carrying a piece CLEAN
Notorious cow owner OLEARY
Ocean occupant ISLE
Old-fashioned shoe covering SPAT
One of the "Beverly Hills 90210" crowd TEEN
One poking fun NEEDLER
Onion and leek relative CHIVE
Onslaught BARRAGE
Overalls part BIB
Overlook OMIT
Paddock pop SIRE
Pang of conscience TWINGE
Part of a dino name REX
Permission SAYSO
Poison ivy follow-up RASH
Prefix meaning ''within'' ENTO
Prefix with dynamic AERO
Primitive timepiece HOURGLASS
Propagated BRED
Pueblo gullies ARROYOS
Quaker word THY
Quebec separatist Levesque RENE
Raise, as a question POSE
Revolutionary War figure MINUTEMAN
Safer working environment? CBS
Sentence type RUNON
Settings for many sci-fi films LABS
Shampoo type BEER
Shelley alma mater ETON
Shock STUN
Sidesplitter RIOT
Small suitcase WEEKENDER
Solomon's forte WISDOM
Some whistle blowers REFS
Space abode, once MIR
Spelunker's worry CAVEIN
Spruce up NEATEN
Steak partner ALE
Summer TV notation EDT
Sword lilies, for short GLADS
They may swing DOORS
They're pretty and have big mouths EWERS
Tiny opening PINHOLE
To ___ (on the mark) ATEE
Toe holds? FEET
Top-of-the-line FINEST
Type of cable JUMPER
Type of envelope REPLYPAID
Type of list DEANS
Utilize a toothpick STAB
Wallach of the silver screen ELI
Where the lord dwells MANOR
Whiskered pooch SCHNAUZER
Win back RECOUP
With-it HEP
Woody Guthrie protege BOBDYLAN
Word with folk or fairy TALE
Words before music or rights SETTO
Writer Bradbury RAY
Young horses YEARLINGS
Z antecedent, perhaps ATO
___ of bricks ATON
___ Raton BOCA