The Guardian - Cryptic crossword No 22,259 - Jul 12 2001

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Clues Answers
2's father 9, visited by 28 2 on a 16 URANUS
28, 1down or 20 present decoration PROBE
4 Across, 29, 2, 18 or 19, for example, having a say in the plot SATELLITE
5 is a pervert, switching European leaders for a time VOYAGER
9 knight in charge of old style IONIC
African parent's first class MASAI
Agricultural power and 9, visited by 1 Down next and 28 2 on a 16 SATURN
Call one back about note for fuse IGNITER
Cold yeast formed enzyme CYTASE
Conspirator gives us up for Ulster 5 CASSINI
Constant check STAUNCH
Discovered cattle in the US NEWJERSEY
European banker keeps right company ORDER
Foolish guy tucked into fowl on way to 2 HUYGENS
Golfers seek course's trophy SWEETSPOT
Gunner Sid contrived to make his mark in the end UNDERSIGN
Clues Answers
Half-hearted artist, object of 20 TITAN
Independence in India, South Africa and Japan involving conflict SWARAJ
King over 4 Across, 19 and 9, visited by 1 Down and 28 2 on a 16 JUPITER
Lenin's wrongly harbouring English composer NIELSEN
Main power for 9, visited by 28 2 on a 16 NEPTUNE
Man gets hold of new hotel to develop ENRICH
Marsupials climb over authorised professional SOLICITOR
Money invested in car on our educational journey GRANDTOUR
Mug kissing endlessly NOGGIN
Poor girl's first obsession THING
Power of Spanish port - an ancient city VIGOUR
Retro failure to intensify shock TERRORISE
Shoot many in Israel SCION
Wantonly bit escort referring to childbirth OBSTETRIC
Work keeps Bob grubby DUSTY
Writer's articles I recommend being cut ASIMOV