Wall Street Journal - Jul 9 2004 - July 9, 2004 - Laying It Out

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Clues Answers
'3rd Rock From the Sun' star LITHGOW
'A Faust Symphony' composer LISZT
'Barnaby Jones' star EBSEN
'Gay ___' ('Victor/Victoria' song) PAREE
'Le Picador est mort' composer SATIE
'Vega$' star URICH
'With a Little Help From My Friends' singer RINGO
'___ ol' me?' LIL
1963 Jan & Dean hit LINDA
A question of procedure HOW
African seceder of 1993 ERITREA
Anglers' hopes BITES
Another name for Anatolia ASIAMINOR
Applicant's goal JOB
Arousing suspicion PECULIAR
Assail SETAT
Bad-mouth DECRY
Ban competition DEGREE
Bannister, famously MILER
Basket-making people of the Southwest ANASAZI
Be bombastic ORATE
Bettor business, for short OTB
Biz bigwigs CEOS
Blues group, for short NHL
Breaking-the-bank event? FLOOD
Caterer's coffeepot URN
Character from Euripides ETA
Check e-mail, perhaps LOGON
Chest-thumping MACHO
City sections WARDS
Conductor Solti GEORG
Continuing without pause RUNON
Cork masses IRISH
Crimped WAVY
Cursed team, some think SOX
Damaged MARRED
Demoralizes ENERVATES
Director Coppola SOFIA
Dissertation writer's prize PHD
Emeril exclamation BAM
End of the quip CARPETING
Extra hand of cards WIDOW
Fatima's faith ISLAM
Florence-to-Rome dir. SSE
Food decoration ROSETTE
Fundamental KEY
Good, at the beach RAD
Green hue JADE
Half of a Vegas duo ROY
Hall of Fame shortstop Smith OZZIE
Hand helpers JOKERS
Hero of Apollonius's 'Argonautica' JASON
Hot blood IRE
It may be shot in the open PAR
Joel Coen's brother ETHAN
Like prank birthday candles RELIT
Like some symmetry AXIAL
Likely to creep you out EERIE
Logo bearer, frequently CAP
Lover of Aphrodite ARES
Main event setting ARENA
Majors in acting LEE
Many frat pledges FROSH
Married name of Maria Sklodowska CURIE
Maximally ATMOST
Mel Gibson's co-star in 'Lethal Weapon 3' and 'Ransom' RENERUSSO
Clues Answers
Money clip fill ONES
Monopoly quartet: Abbr. RRS
More than -er EST
Mount Aconcagua setting ARGENTINA
Much, to the maestro MOLTO
Nasser was its pres. UAR
Near-eternity AEON
Northern Ireland's ___ Féin SINN
Not at one's best OFF
Oak-leaf cluster feature ACORN
On Soc. Sec., perhaps RETD
Open fabric MESH
Part 2 of the quip BOUGHTAHOUSETHAT
Part 5 of the quip WALLTOWALLTOWALL
Pedestal parts DADOS
Penna. neighbor DEL
Pepe of Warner Bros. cartoons LEPEW
Portrayer of the hobbit Samwise Gamgee ASTIN
Powers catchphrase OHBEHAVE
Principles AXIOMS
Prospector's sighting GLINT
Requires ASKS
Rollover target IRA
Rubs the wrong way CHAFES
Sarge's superior LOOIE
Scuba connection AIRHOSE
Segueing phrase SOTHEN
Ship captained by Martín Alonso Pinzón PINTA
Sign up ENROL
Sitting Bull's people SIOUX
Slow down, in orch. music RIT
Smelted stuff ORE
Snake charmee? EVE
Software company's security fix PATCH
Software for test-driving DEMO
Something to fill QUOTA
Space chimp of '61 ENOS
Speaking with one's hands: Abbr. ASL
Standpoint SLANT
Start of a quip IRECENTLY
Steel trap's opposite SIEVE
Strains TUNES
Suisse sweetie CHERI
Summer setting: Abbr. DST
Swabbie TAR
Take a powder LEAVE
Téa of 'Deep Impact' LEONI
Test for college srs. GRE
The difference between men and women GENDERGAP
The other woman HER
They may make you lose sleep DRIPS
Toast opener HERES
Top pick in the 1992 NBA draft ONEAL
Toulouse-Lautrec illustration series depicting brothel life ELLES
Vault settings APSES
View from Château d'Amboise LOIRE
Way to start ANEW
Welfare SAKE
Where many go downhill ASPEN
Whitney Houston's label ARISTA
Wine cask TUN
Wing-shaped ALAR
Words before rule or result ASA
Work units ERGS
Yuletide libation NOG
___ Lanka SRI