USA Today - Jul 1 2004

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Clues Answers
"Impossible!" and the theme of this puzzle NOWAY
"___ la Douce" IRMA
1995 Brad Pitt thriller SEVEN
Assists AIDS
Ayn and Sally RANDS
Baseball great Mel OTT
Blue eyes, say TRAIT
Boo targets, sometimes UMPS
Bottom line figures NETCOSTS
Boxer Spinks LEON
Brandy designation VSOP
Brief attempt WHIRL
Bring bad luck to JINX
Buck or Bailey PEARL
Caesar, for one SALAD
City in NE Georgia ATHENS
Clarinet cousin OBOE
Cold country? CHILE
Concordes, e.g. SSTS
Confederate ALLY
Cordage fiber ISTLE
Crib toy RATTLE
Cupid's counterpart EROS
Dizzy on the mound DEAN
Driving hazard SLEET
ER figures DOCS
Final notice? OBIT
Fitness centers GYMS
Frozen quarters IGLOO
Great buy STEAL
Group voting together BLOC
Have a word with TALKTO
Increase ADDTO
Invention beginning IDEA
Irritate BUG
It may be common SENSE
It's for the birds AVIARY
Jerk's charge SODA
Clues Answers
Karate school DOJO
Keepsake TOKEN
Kind of appeal SEX
Kind of cup EGG
Letter afterthoughts PSS
Like old phones ROTARY
Little bit DRIB
Malibu or Impala SEDAN
Man is one ISLE
Mata Hari, for one SPY
Matinee time SATURDAY
Measures for Emeril (Abbr.) TSPS
Meat quality LEAN
Milk quality SKIM
Modern scandal suffix GATE
Not aweather ALEE
Not just feuding ATWAR
Part of NBC NATL
Report-card reader PARENT
Revolutionary with a regret HALE
Rose extract ATTAR
Scam "It's Only Make Believe" singer? CONTWITTY
Show requiring a wide stage? BROADPLAY
Shower attention DOTE
Something to gather around FIRE
Step separator RISER
Suffer in the sun BAKE
Take in ADOPT
Taxing time APRIL
Tend to the sauce STIR
The magic word PLEASE
Theft on Mt. Everest? HIGHROBBERY
They have palmate antlers ELKS
Trail for a hound SCENT
Traps inside the lines? FAIRBUNKERS
Verdi forte OPERA
Walk or trot GAIT
Warm, in searches NEAR