The Guardian - Cryptic crossword No 21,817 - Feb 10 2000

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Clues Answers
Assume fusspot overlooking nothing ADOPT
Bizarre Guardian's report RUMOUR
Blow a kiss SMACK
Capital in Pie chart's wrong CHAPITER
Claims to have originally raised standards UPRIGHTS
Clothes drier - horse under another name, say WRINGER
Deny turning, through time, into corrupt being DEGENERATE
Doctors date nurse foolishly DENATURES
Fancies butterflies, say IMAGINES
Fellow drinks no hock HOUGH
Flat found in high-rise on returning home PLAIN
Glimmer of understanding of semivowel sound HALFANEYE
Merchant seaman reported sound ahead WHOLESALER
Newborn asleep, so appealing PERSONABLE
Produce for stock CROP
Clues Answers
Quality of King and Queen recognised in very many quarters SERENENESS
Restore order - that's the bottom line REARRANGE
Rich, self-assertive, grasping Liberal PLUSHY
River sport WEAR
Scream a warning CAUTION
Second game in court to be slotted in SUPPORT
She lost to possible champ? Such couldn't! TOOTHLESS
Sow area in fruit PLANTAIN
Speech impediment? LANGUAGEBARRIER
Tacked, choosing directions in sequence SEWN
Tall and slender - not overweight LONGTON
Teatime conversation CHAT
Too protective of one new girl ALISON
Wood comes round to composer BARTOK