The Guardian - Cryptic crossword No 21,762 - Dec 7 1999

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Clues Answers
... and only two farthings in a fortune: 'These things are as ______ in the wind' PIFFLE
16 of 5 had four husbands with brass. Oh! Wicked female! ... BESS
A spot of air-traffic control: b-- cheek! BLIP
Aviators losing time going East: that's hairy! PILOSE
Boorish attempt to influence the mighty with society leader SLOBBY
City where Kate's put six feet under SHREWSBURY
Code of the English and this involves many ETHICS
Exhausted by capturing a king BLEARY
Feel a git? Change! Join the race! GETALIFE
I, Romulus Caesar, could for universal love become Emperor MARCUS
Left from incalculable role in 'The Marriage of Figaro' COUNTESS
Nuclear sub built from tin with usual reaction NAUTILUS
Offer, say, his kingdom MERCIA
Clues Answers
Papal demand for spit and polish BULL
Raise handlebar with force and quarrel at the pain of it GROWATACHE
River rat slaughtered and left at the gate PORTAL
See 7 SANS
Snake worshipper losing hope about it OPHITE
Stop that Cartier-Bresson set! APERTURE
Superior to Tommy's tin helmet? BRASSHAT
These MDs enter insane crises of conflict! MEDECINS
US Marines train here by Potomac. B-- awful! BOOTCAMP
What the economy needs: get-up-and-go! UPTURN
Where the Normans stitched up the Saxons? BAYEUX
Wisdom, therefore, in articles ATHENA