New York Times - Apr 22 2012

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Clues Answers
'Good' cholesterol, for short HDL
'Yeah, sure' IBET
'___ mentioned ...' ASI
Abbr. in trig COS
Actor Paul of 'American Graffiti' LEMAT
Adams with the 1991 hit 'Get Here' OLETA
Amount in the back of a pickup, e.g LOAD
Baba au ___ RHUM
Bathroom fixture BIDET
Be a sadistic masseuse? POUNDFLESH
Be very successful at fishing? LANDPLENTY
Breakout ESCAPE
Cadaver study: Abbr ANAT
Camera settings FSTOPS
Chile de ___ (hot pepper) ARBOL
Cloudless FAIR
Cloudless CLEAR
Coca-Cola brand SPRITE
Director's 'start' ACTION
Dr. Seuss title character HORTON
Eat up, so to speak ADORE
Edwards or Andrews: Abbr AFB
Film director Stanley DONEN
Foldable furniture COTS
Forge some personal notes? DOCTORLETTERS
Gang land TURF
Go over EXCEED
Held off ATBAY
HVAC measure BTU
Is suitable for BEFITS
It begins 'Forasmuch as many have taken in hand ...' LUKE
It may be broken on a ranch BRONC
Kind of bean SOYA
Like many a Broadway play TWOACT
Mates PALS
Clues Answers
Natural gas component ETHANE
Needlefish GARS
Next at bat ONDECK
One getting roasted or toasted HONOREE
Outdo one's buddies? BESTFRIENDS
Owner of YouTube GOOGLE
Part of the Dept. of Justice DEA
Phony laugh HARHAR
Play (around) HORSE
Possible barrier to romance AGEGAP
Prussian pronoun SIE
Relatively safe investment AABOND
Send for a special bridal accessory? ORDERTHEGARTER
Some crosses TAUS
Some sports footwear REEBOKS
Spiderwoman? ARACHNE
Statistics method for checking means TTEST
Steve Perry hit '___ Mine' SHES
Swank do SOIREE
Take advantage of good Samaritans? MILKHUMANKINDNESS
Tea, e.g SOCIAL
Thin in supply SPARSE
Throw large bank notes around? CASTTHOUSANDS
Too much UNDULY
Wee creature AMOEBA
Where Bertrand Russell taught philosophy, for short UCLA
Wife of Alexander the Great ROXANA
Windup END
Word in the MGM logo ARS
___ Martin, British sports car ASTON
___ sauce TARTAR