- Apr 21 2012

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Clues Answers
''Now, I admit . . .'' TOBESURE
''Runcible spoon'' coiner LEAR
Announce retirement? PLAYTAPS
Annual March arrival in DC EDT
Answer on ''Jeopardy!'' RINGIN
Area of light research OPTICS
Atomizer amount SPRITZ
Baroque ORNATE
Best-known town in Ruritania ZENDA
Changed direction suddenly ZIGGED
Chem-lab suffix ANE
Conflagrant AFIRE
Contradict GAINSAY
Cooper's aids, at Colonial Williamsburg ADZES
Diaphanous GAUZY
Focus of a Barcelona museum JOANMIRO
G-8's deadline for halving greenhouse gas emissions MML
Halloween prop BROOM
Hamlet's ''To be,'' for one IAMB
Home runs, slangily TATERS
How some chairs are paid for ENDOWERS
Identification introduction ITS
In quick succession BYTURNS
Island bisected by the equator SUMATRA
Jack's cousin MUENSTER
Java hub JAKARTA
Jumper-cable connection ANODE
Little village DORP
Lumberjack's protection TINPANTS
Manhattan regulars? RYES
Mao colleague Lin __ PIAO
Metaphor for insignificance GNAT
Clues Answers
MontrÀéal airport TRUDEAU
NAFTA's overseas predecessor EEC
North Sea sights OILRIGS
Not in the nature of ALIENTO
One in a pier group PILING
One of the ''Publishers of Cheap and Popular Pictures'' IVES
Parcel Post dimension GIRTH
Pizza topping PESTO
Plant with a pistil FEMALE
Polished GLOSSY
Program created for returning WWII vets GED
Puppet PAWN
Put into a class LABELED
Salon offering EZINE
See 48 Across PONDS
Sign of helplessness SHRUG
Song often heard at Dodger Stadium ILOVELA
Storyboard segment CEL
Strauss' ''Salome'' and ''Elektra'' ONEACTS
Term first applied to the Apple Newton PDA
Thunderbolt source ZEUS
Tony Blair, circa 1973 OXONIAN
Tradition-laden celebrations RITES
Traditional symbols of royalty ERMINES
Twist fare GRUEL
Two-timing UNTRUE
Untrustworthy one SERPENT
Unwelcome forecast SLEET
Was smooth, as a stand-up comic SEGUED
With 8 Down, Zen garden features KOI
Yo-yo part AXLE
__ dog (Hawaiian mutt) POI