Wall Street Journal - Apr 20 2012 - April 20, 2012 - Act Like A Major Leaguer

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Clues Answers
'A Taste of Honey' trumpeter ALPERT
'Don't look ___!' ATME
'Glad to oblige' NOBOTHER
'Gloriosky!' EGADS
'If This Is a Man' author LEVI
'Move it!' CMON
'My, my!' OHDEAR
'The Party's Over' composer STYNE
'___ Majesty's Secret Service' ONHER
'___ Wiedersehen' AUF
2012 role for DiCaprio GATSBY
A, in Aachen EIN
Abbr. in many Quebec place names STE
Activity for a crossword creator CLUING
Advertising award CLIO
Arabian arroyo WADI
As ___ (typically) ARULE
Ask a tough question like a major leaguer THROWACURVE
Bali product BRA
Be persuasive like a major leaguer MAKEAGOODPITCH
Be thorough like a major leaguer TOUCHALLTHEBASES
Bewildered response HUH
Biblical setting NEAREAST
Bk. after Amos OBAD
Boomer Esiason, in college TERP
Boundary AMBIT
Bullock blocks are at their heads TOPMASTS
Bumper-to-bumper routine STOPGO
Call for attention HEY
Calls it a day KNOCKSOFF
Carpooling car, for short HOV
Changes smoothly MORPHS
Chou of China ENLAI
Collapsible furniture COT
Commemorative writing ODE
Commit fraud, in a way OVERBILL
Company founded by Ingvar Kamprad IKEA
Compliment following a bucket NICESHOT
Connection TIE
Cowboy confirmation YEP
Cracker topper BRIE
Creative class ART
Cy Young Award winner Hershiser OREL
Date like a major leaguer PLAYTHEFIELD
Despotic CRUEL
Detective story pioneer POE
Do everything perfectly like a major leaguer BATATHOUSAND
Done before NOTNEW
Drilling deg DDS
Drive setting TEE
Emphatic turndown ISAIDNO
Ending for beat or neat NIK
Exams for college cred APS
Fail to follow through like a major leaguer DROPTHEBALL
Fire sign SMOKE
Fiver face ABE
Former, in the Forum PRIORI
Gave life to BIRTHED
Get depressed like a major leaguer GOINTOASLUMP
Give one's address ORATE
Glassware ovens LEHRS
Granola bit OAT
Haggard GAUNT
Hall of Fame second baseman Bobby DOERR
Hash browns nugget TATERTOT
Hatfield, to McCoy FOE
He was an All-Star 24 times MAYS
High point ACME
Home of Queen Eliz ENG
Clues Answers
Honor from Queen Eliz OBE
Infatuate ENAMOR
Iodine source KELP
It lacks a pelvic fin EEL
It starts in Mar SPR
Jets quarterback Tim TEBOW
Key rings? ATOLLS
Kilmer classic TREES
Kind of stock or school SUMMER
Kittenish Kitt EARTHA
Lacking vitality FLAT
Letter-shaped fastener TBOLT
Letters paired with 6 MNO
Like cold cuts SLICED
Like ethnic jokes NONPC
Like the brain LOBED
Literary governess EYRE
Lousy bond rating CCC
Many a Panasonic employee OSAKAN
Mid-11th-century pope LEOIX
Migration formations VEES
More than enough AMPLE
Mount also called Jabal Musa SINAI
Mountain mover TBAR
Musical McEntire REBA
Navigators Islands, today SAMOA
On the wane EBBING
One way to carry a tune IPOD
Org. represented at JFK TSA
Peacock feather 'eyes' OCELLI
Pedicab, in Vietnam CYCLO
Platte tribesman OTOE
Pocket protectors? MISERS
Pollute BEFOUL
Powerless UNABLE
Prepare tostadas FRY
Radiator attachment HOSE
Ramirez of 'Grey's Anatomy' SARA
Reason for a clinic visit PAIN
Repair, as a raincoat RELINE
Roosevelt rival LANDON
Seamstress's array SPOOLS
Shadow TAIL
Site of the Arbuckle Mtns OKLA
Spherical start HEMI
Sports org. headquartered in Switzerland IOC
Stein's partner TOKLAS
Sticker, for short HYPO
Suffix meaning 'full of' OSE
Super suffix IOR
Supermodel Carangi GIA
Take a side, say EAT
Take responsibility like a major leaguer STEPUPTOTHEPLATE
Terry of 'Nightline' MORAN
The yoke's on them OXTEAM
They'll make a scene MOB
Tickles AMUSES
Tough place to come out a winner LIONSDEN
Trompe ___ (illusion-based style) LOEIL
Try unsuccessfully like a major leaguer SWINGANDMISS
Two-thirds off? EFS
Unkempt quarters STY
Wing ELL
Word between surnames NEE
Wrap up the deal like a major leaguer BRINGINACLOSER
___ turn (traffic sign) NOLEFT