New York Times - Apr 8 2012

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Clues Answers
'Amscray!' VAMOOSE
'Bad Moon Rising' band, for short CCR
'Bah!' FIE
'Dianetics' author ___ Hubbard LRON
'Frosty' air? NOEL
'Game of Thrones' protagonist ___ Stark NED
'Oh yeah? ___ who?!' SEZ
'There is ___!' AGOD
'To be on the safe side ...' JUDGESMATTER
'Wake up and smell the coffee!' GETACLUE
'Want me to draw you ___?' AMAP
'Why not?!' SURE
'Xanadu' group, for short ELO
1997 Will Smith/Tommy Lee Jones flick AFRICANAMERICAN
31-Across, for one SHOUT
45, e.g DISC
Afore ERE
An Obama girl SASHA
Athlete wearing a calligraphic 'D' logo TIGER
Attention getter YOOHOO
Bank take-back REPO
Bar car? LIMO
Baskin-Robbins unit SCOOP
Bedews WETS
Big name in the diamond business? ALOU
Bishop's locale DIOCESE
Blocks (up) DAMS
Breakfast items often eaten with spoons HONEYDEWS
Camaro ___-Z IROC
Canonized Mlle STE
Certain angel GUARDIAN
Check for fit TRYON
Cockney greeting ELLO
Coercion DURESS
Commercial suffix with Power ADE
Compos mentis SANE
Contortionist's bendy part SPINE
Cross to bear ONUS
Designer Versace GIANNI
Deutsch marks? UMLAUTS
Do a semester's worth of studying in one night, say CRAM
Does some yard work EDGES
Drink with a lizard logo SOBE
Dungeons & Dragons figure OGRE
Ex-senator Bayh EVAN
Father of a grand duke TSAR
Fraction of a min NSEC
Gardner of 'The Barefoot Contessa' AVA
General refusal? NOSIR
Get ready PRIME
Glimpse ESPY
Golfer with an 'army' ARNIE
Hammy, say EMOTIVE
Head turner REIN
Headstone phrase TREATYRESULT
Hikers' wear KNAPSACKS
Home of the Texas Sports Hall of Fame WACO
Hoofing it ONFOOT
Hook hand SMEE
Huge, to Hugo ENORME
It's often slanted ROOF
Japanese native AINU
Knicks star Anthony, to fans MELO
Leave thunderstruck STUN
Letter seen twice in Philadelphia PHI
Like some bad language ABUSIVE
Clues Answers
Locale for many a lounge chair POOLSIDE
Lounge lizard's look LEER
Lurid 1979 film about John Dillinger's girlfriend, with 'The' COLORFORVALENTINESDAY
Make ___ at APASS
Masculine principle YANG
McEnroe rival BORG
Misses part of a movie, maybe DOZES
Multipurpose UTILITY
N.B.A. forward Lamar ___ ODOM
Not kosher TREF
Not stay the same EVOLVE
OFF! target TICK
One who looks friendly but isn't WOOLFACETIOUSLY
Onetime aid in psychotherapy LSD
Pan handler COOK
Percussion instrument with a pedal HIHAT
Person with a safe job? YEGG
Phony: Prefix PSEUD
Prepare, as cotton candy SPIN
Preventive measure, proverbially ITSTOLDUSINGAWATCH
Prima donnas' features EGOS
Private investigator, in slang TEC
Put on microfiche, maybe ARCHIVE
Quits, slangily BAGSIT
Refuges ASYLA
Reply to 'Gracias' DENADA
Retainers, e.g FEES
Rogers's partner ASTAIRE
Run nicely HUM
Russia's ___ Mountains URAL
Sasquatch's kin YETI
Seasonal potation NOG
Security crises BREACHES
Set (against) PIT
Skip over water, as stones DAP
Sleepers PJS
Slips in pots IOUS
Smooths EASES
Some game FOWL
Split the tab GODUTCH
Spouse's acquiescence YESDEAR
Stone-pushing Winter Olympian CURLER
Stray sounds? MEOWS
Swiss cheese concoction FONDUE
The Royal Game of India PARCHEESI
Tic-tac-toe winner OOO
Torpedo RUIN
Total ARE
Tyrannosaurus rex, archetypally MEATEATER
Under development? INUTERO
V components GEESE
Van Gogh or Monet vista SEINE
Virginia athlete, informally CAV
Went back to brunette, say REDYED
Went downhill fast SKIED
Western U.S. gas brand ARCO
What a texter of ':-(' might be SAD
What [wink wink] may signify HINT
Where skaters skate ONICE
Where skaters skate RINKS
Wiggle room LEEWAY
Word on a cornerstone ANNO
Yellowfin tuna AHI
Yesteryear YORE
___ about (approximately) ONOR
___ driver SLAVE
___ school OLD