L.A. Times Daily - Apr 7 2012

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Clues Answers
"I made more lousy pictures than any actor in history" speaker, familiarly BOGIE
"Immediately!" NOW
"Immediately!" ASAP
"Of Mice and Men" rabbit lover LENNIE
"Pushing Daisies" pie maker NED
21st Greek letter PHI
Assemble, as troops MUSTER
Brings out EVOKES
Carrier letters USS
City in Florida's horse country OCALA
City near the Khyber Pass PESHAWAR
City where a Pauline letter was received PHILIPPI
City with a California State campus CHICO
Clancy's Jack Ryan, e.g CIAAGENT
Clean again REMOP
Closer LATCH
Delivery class? LAMAZE
Dish of leftovers HASH
Frond part PINNA
Genre characterized by nonsense syllables DOOWOP
Hagen of the stage UTA
Hairstyles like MacGyver's MULLETS
Hipster's trait COOLNESS
Home entertainment piece WALLUNIT
Homogenizes BLENDS
Human mind PSYCHE
Impressive spread ESTATE
Island brew KAVA
It's often preceded by a warning STORM
Japanese restaurant order TERIYAKI
Kind of justice POETIC
Lea bleater EWE
Leg strengthener SQUAT
Clues Answers
Marine predator ORCA
Meshed dividers NETS
Middle manager? BELT
Modify EDIT
Ninth in a series: Abbr SEP
Nut crackers BEAKS
Only word heard in a 1958 song of the same name TEQUILA
Petty disagreement SQUABBLE
Phrase that gets a caller's attention? IRAISE
Popular financial software QUICKEN
Pump pick PREMIUM
Rabbit friend ROO
Raid squad BUSTERS
Ranking angels SERAPHIM
Recherche ARCANE
Regularly monitored, in a way ONPAROLE
Reminiscent of the 1919 poem "The Second Coming" YEATSIAN
Reunion attendees TIAS
Round Stic maker BIC
Run an errand, say STEPOUT
Shoe parts OUTSOLES
Shooting locale? RAPIDS
Show whose original house band was The Buckaroos HEEHAW
Streamlet RILL
Talkative SOCIAL
The Once-__: "The Lorax" character LER
To whom many pray ALLAH
Undermine TORPEDO
Understand SEE
Upright citizen? PIANIST
Vibes AURA
Wagner's "__ Rheingold" DAS
Words from the head of a line IMNEXT
Work that can't be done alone DUET
Works near an arena, perhaps SCALPS
__ jure IPSO