The Washington Post - Mar 25 2012

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Clues Answers
'Good gravy!' EGADS
'History of Animals' author ARISTOTLE
'How I Met Your Mother' protagonist TED
'Malcolm in the Middle' mom LOIS
'The Time Machine,' e.g NOVELLA
'Weekend Update' host Meyers SETH
1954 Pledge addition UNDERGOD
1970s 'affliction' DISCOFEVER
1992 Best Actor nominee STEPHENREA
Andalusian city GRANADA
Barefoot Wine producer GALLO
Baseball is a form of it POKER
Bedroom furniture piece DRESSER
Big Krusty fan BART
Block definers STREETS
Bones in an 1820 story BROM
Call makers REFS
Catch sight of CLAPEYESON
Class presentation, perhaps ORALREPORT
Classify SORTOUT
Clinton or Carter, e.g PRENAME
Day follower GLO
Doctor whose patients never pay their bills VET
Edible triangle DORITO
First Triumvirate member CAESAR
Genesis 4:16 location NOD
Get the word out? ERASE
Gp. that launched the CryptoChallenge app NSA
Hero exiled in 1081 ELCID
Hit with a certain beam LASERED
Impersonates DOES
Intellectual CEREBRAL
It offers Season Passes TIVO
It's accessed by shucking PEA
Clues Answers
Item in a warehouse PALLET
John's wife in the comic strip 'For Better or for Worse' ELLY
Linda of 'Jekyll & Hyde' EDER
Lummox APE
Mediterranean Sea catch DOVERSOLE
Needing to chill ONEDGE
Nicene Creed conclusion AMEN
Nothing to write home about OKAY
Paid off BRIBED
Pitch TAR
Pringles Light ingredient OLESTRA
Promotional tool TIEIN
Ready for baking, maybe PARE
Result of taking caffeine PEP
Roadhouse INN
Rocking spot, often VERANDA
Rolling Stone called it the third greatest song of all time IMAGINE
Romantically illuminated MOONLIT
Small sealed vial AMPOULE
Some Tour de France stages TIMETRIALS
Somewhat downward, for short ESE
Surrealism precursor DADA
They contain pork STIES
They don't give up easily ADDICTS
They're not generic NAMEBRANDS
This grid contains six of them NINES
Thumbs through SKIMS
Tribal band, for example TAT
What can come after everything? ELSE
What enough change can lead to DOLLARS
Whitehall whitewall TYRE
Wombat predator DINGO
Wrapped during a timeout, perhaps TAPEDUP
Youth support group ALATEEN