New York Times - Mar 21 2012

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Clues Answers
'I've ___ it!' HAD
'Valley of the Dolls' author SUSANN
'Yowzer!' OOLALA
1962 Neil Simon musical LITTLEME
1967 hit for 42-Across RESPECT
1967 hit for 42-Across CHAINOFFOOLS
1968 hit for 42-Across THINK
A ponytail hangs over it NAPE
Bell ___ LABS
Biblical judge ELI
Bickle portrayer in 'Taxi Driver' DENIRO
Bouquet AROMA
Brother FRIAR
Bummed SAD
Chuck Yeager and others AIRACES
Danish shoe company ECCO
Day-___ GLO
Elvis's label RCA
End of many a concert BOW
Evening on the Arno SERA
Everything THELOT
Examined thoroughly, with 'through' SIFTED
Exit key ESC
Family room fixture TVSET
Fraternity letters PSIS
Gave the evil eye GLAREDAT
God whose name is 6-Down reversed EROS
Holders of frozen assets? ICETRAYS
Horsehide leather CORDOVAN
Horseshoe-shaped fastener UBOLT
Howard of Hollywood RON
Irked SORE
It has fuzz PEACH
Koh-i-___ diamond NOOR
Largest city on the Belgian coast OSTEND
Clues Answers
Like Beethoven's Sixth Symphony INF
Meat cuts BRISKETS
Men's patriotic org SAR
Mental image, for short? EEG
Mural painter Rivera DIEGO
Nickname for 42-Across THEQUEENOFSOUL
Not bilateral ONESIDED
Over there YON
Precious DEARONE
Pull a cork out of UNSTOP
Putting up big numbers ONAROLL
Rainy and cold RAW
Recess rebuttal, perhaps DOESSO
Religious figures RECTORS
Sancho Panza's land LAMANCHA
Says impulsively BLURTS
See 52-Down LOVEYOU
Singer born March 25, 1942 ARETHAFRANKLIN
Some museum pieces VASES
Southwestern spread RANCHO
Specifically BYNAME
Studio occupant, e.g TENANT
Suffix with kitchen ETTE
The U.K. is in it, but Ire. is not NATO
The Wildcats of the Big 12 Conf KSU
Walt Frazier or Patrick Ewing KNICK
Where IVs might be hooked up ERS
Willing FAIN
With 10-Down, 1967 hit for 42-Across BABYI
Withstood ABIDED
Yet to be tagged, say UNPRICED
___ au vin COQ
___ Bees (big company in personal care products) BURTS
___ Haute TERRE
___ Penh PHNOM