Universal - Mar 17 2012

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Clues Answers
"... ___ how you play the game" ITS
"Camelot" character ENID
"Telephoto" or "contact" ender LENS
"___ for Bonzo" BEDTIME
Ace hiding place SLEEVE
Ad-___ (improvise) LIB
All thumbs INEPT
Alumni magazine word NEE
Andean beast LLAMA
Any of several Norse royals OLAV
Apology from Indian seamstress? SARI
Auricular OTIC
Australian avians EMUS
Back muscle, casually LAT
Bard's "always" EER
Benefits AIDS
Bible bk LEV
Big ones often clash EGOS
Breakfasted ATE
Bulldog booster ELI
Carnival-game verb TOSS
CD appendage ROM
Chatter YAK
Chem majors' degs BSS
Chesapeake Bay specialty STEAMEDCRAB
Cincinnati player RED
Club circuit? PGA
Commercial pitches ADS
Conceived of IDEATED
Crime bigwig CAPO
Diacritical mark TILDE
Digital precursor ANALOG
Do a weather report, e.g PREDICT
Dr.'s org AMA
Easy lunch to cook GRILLEDCHEESE
Ensembles of eight OCTETS
Exact retribution AVENGE
Famous Confessor EDWARD
Forensic science clue DNA
Clues Answers
Guiding night light LODESTAR
Hare-hunting feline BOBCAT
High peak ALP
Highest points ACMES
In need of a muffler NOISY
John's "Grease" co-star OLIVIA
Lassie's breed COLLIE
Lennon's wife ONO
Letter-shaped skyscraper support IBEAM
Like an exit ramp ONEWAY
Look back over REVIEW
Lover of company? MISERY
Lunar month starter NEWMOON
Middie opponent CADET
Modern prefix NEO
Month after Shevat ADAR
More than large MASSIVE
Old saw ADAGE
Part of the brain CEREBRUM
Person with property, perhaps LIENEE
Pie-mode link ALA
Pithy saying MOT
Sandra and Ruby DEES
Scandinavian capital OSLO
Schedule C expert CPA
Significant person? OTHER
Small river dam WEIR
Smoothing device SANDER
Snoop on stage DOGG
Sour cream's base, often BAKEDPOTATO
Stockholm denizen SWEDE
Tea brand LIPTON
TV's "Judging ___" AMY
Verdi classic AIDA
Where the statue of Cristo Redentor stands RIO
Word on either side of "-a-" (face-to-face) VIS
Word with "angry" or "flash" MOB
Yucatan denizen MAYA