New York Times - Mar 15 2012

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Clues Answers
'Phooey!' AWNUTS
'The Long, Hot Summer' woman ___ Varner EULA
1987 Costner role NESS
Any of the singers of 'Jive Talkin'' BEEGEE
Aphrodite's lover ARES
Apple choice IMAC
Arab nation that's not in OPEC OMAN
Basic point GIST
Beatle who was born with the first name James PAUL
Brand name in a blue oval ESSO
Brat Packer Moore DEMI
Bygone Manhattan eatery ELAINES
Chess pieces MEN
Chop-chop ASAP
Clorox cleaner PINESOL
Consumer protection org BBB
County on the Thames ESSEX
Degree for a leprechaun who's an expert at finding imperfections? MASTEROFLAWS
Died down EBBED
Fantasy novel element QUEST
Fathered BEGOT
Formal 'yes' IDO
French word that sounds like a letter of the alphabet EAU
Goes over 21 at the casino BUSTS
Good thing that comes to those who wait? TIP
Gossip DIRT
Grin-and-bear-it types TROUPERS
Hipster CAT
Hit song with the line 'When she squeezed me tight she nearly broke my spine' LOLA
Home-shopping event? TAGSALE
Impatient leprechaun's concern on an airplane? SPEEDOFLIGHT
Insurance grps HMOS
Kind of short SNL
Knock over AWE
Language in which 'hello' is 'kaixo' BASQUE
Latin 101 verb ESSE
Clues Answers
Leprechaun's book detailing the truth about flounders? GOSPELOFLUKE
Maharishi, e.g MYSTIC
Miners' sch UTEP
Modernists NEOS
Musical genre of Jimmy Eat World EMO
Mussorgsky's 'Pictures ___ Exhibition' ATAN
New York's ___ River EAST
Newcastle's river TYNE
Nice 'n Easy product DYE
Obama education secretary Duncan ARNE
Paint the town red, maybe BARHOP
Part of the Iroquois Confederacy ONEIDA
Period when Long Island was formed ICEAGE
Previously, to poets AFORE
Punch accompanier BAM
Rare astronomical event BLUEMOON
Russian diet DUMA
Scary legislation introduced by a leprechaun? BILLOFRIGHTS
Score keeper, for short? ETS
Show biz elite ALIST
Sisterly SORORAL
Some electronic parts DIODES
Southern Iraqi city BASRA
Squeezes (out) EKES
Sugar daddies, e.g PATRONS
Swiss city where William Tell shot an apple ALTDORF
Symbol of the Virgin Mary ROSE
Text message status SENT
Troubles ADOS
TV journalist Lisa LING
Unjust treatment ILLUSE
Word from a foreman GUILTY