Universal - Jun 7 2004

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Clues Answers
"Be Prepared" org. BSA
"Carmina Burana" composer ORFF
Academia figure DEAN
Acquiesce ACCEDE
Agra royalty RANI
American Revolution battle, June 17, 1775 BUNKERHILL
Anthology OMNIBUS
Arabian gulf ADEN
Archduke assassination site, June 28, 1914 SARAJEVO
Barely achieve (with "out") EKE
Beaverlike EAGER
Chop follower SUEY
Combustion residue ASHES
Compare LIKEN
CPR expert EMT
Cry of dismay ALAS
Deep-six DISCARD
Diner coffee JOE
Dispatch boat AVISO
Displaced gardener ADAM
Don Juan's mother INEZ
Donald's first ex IVANA
Draftable ONEA
Easy mark CHUMP
Einstein's birthplace ULM
Eleanor Roosevelt's first name ANNA
Famous document signed on June 15, 1215 MAGNACARTA
Flattened cheese ball EDAM
Foolishly infatuated GAGA
Formerly known as NEE
Helsinki inhabitant FINN
Herd grazing needs ACRES
Highway menace ROADHOG
Jack of "The Great Dictator" OAKIE
Judah Ben-___ HUR
June 20, 2004 honorees FATHERS
June 6, 1944 DDAY
Clues Answers
Large mackerel WAHOO
Lincoln Logs competitor LEGO
Main mass BODY
Marienbad, for one SPA
Mature OFAGE
Mitchell title opener GONE
Mite-sized TINY
More lemony SOURER
Moving erratically ZAGGING
Napoleon was defeated here on June 18, 1815 WATERLOO
Of dubious character SHADY
Pipe starter STOVE
Pound of Turkey LIRA
Prove deficient FAIL
Rat Pack member DAVIS
Sent with a click EMAILED
Slinky gown material LAME
Spanish 101 word ESTA
Squarely hit ball LINER
Suit to ___ ATEE
Sullen DOUR
Summer drink ICEDTEA
Suspicious LEERY
Sweatshops, of a sort GYMS
Table words AMENS
Team cheers YAYS
The Forsyte novels, e.g. SAGA
The sun is one STAR
Tucked away ATE
Uplifted BUOYED
Upright ONEND
Utah's Hatch ORRIN
Weightlifter's pride BICEPS
What Macbeth shall do no more SLEEP
Word with French or Dutch DOOR
You may be moved by it VAN
___ Day, June 14 FLAG