- Mar 5 2012

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Clues Answers
''Bravo!'' or ''Hurrah!'' CHEER
''__ no idea!'' (''Search me!'') IHAVE
Adolescent TEEN
Artist's cap BERET
Attorney's closing comment IRESTMYCASE
Bakery appliance OVEN
Barrel strip STAVE
Batch of laundry LOAD
Bath-powder ingredient TALC
Beach-castle material SAND
Blessing BOON
Boyfriends BEAUS
Brings to a halt ENDS
Canyon sound ECHO
Carnival attraction RIDE
Declare openly AVOW
Doing the driving STEERING
Drives in reverse, with ''up'' BACKS
Energy PEP
Excessive desire, as for wealth GREED
Fasten securely SEAL
File-folder features TABS
Fishing pole ROD
Flying toy with a tail KITE
Forbidden things DONTS
Full of energy ALIVE
General vicinity AREA
Groundbreaking garden tools HOES
Happiness GLEE
Harmful precipitation ACIDRAIN
Hole-making tools AWLS
In pieces APART
Is a partner in crime ABETS
Jeans color BLUE
Keg filler BEER
Laughs heartily ROARS
Membership list ROSTER
Midterm, for one TEST
Clues Answers
Nevertheless EVENSO
New Haven student YALIE
Nickname for Ireland ERIN
Official journal of the US FEDERALREGISTER
Once __ a time UPON
One doing blackjack-table arithmetic CARDCOUNTER
Operatic song ARIA
Overseas ABROAD
Owns HAS
Pigpens STIES
Prefix with cycle TRI
Property claim LIEN
Regret RUE
Salary hike RAISE
Satisfied sigh AAH
School-kid transporter BUS
Scold mildly CHIDE
Scoundrel ROGUE
Slogan or motto BYWORD
Small coffee containers CUPS
Snip out, as coupons CLIP
Snowflake's color WHITE
Soda flavor COLA
Sports-page number STAT
Take the role of ACTAS
Taverns BARS
That woman's HERS
The ''C'' of USMC CORPS
To the rear, on a boat AFT
Twelve-mo. spans YRS
Very pale ASHY
Villainous look SNEER
Wild guess STAB
Winter or summer SEASON
Wise person SAGE
Wry humor IRONY
__ Francisco, CA SAN
__ Peace Prize NOBEL