Eugene Sheffer - King Feature Syndicate - Mar 5 2012

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Clues Answers
'Conditioned reflex' doctor PAVLOV
'Gone With the Wind' plantation TARA
'Humbug!' BAH
'To be or -- ...' NOT
'Top Chef' network BRAVO
'Yeah, right!' ASIF
-- -a-ling TING
-- -en-Provence, France AIX
-- Paulo, Brazil SAO
Actress Carrere TIA
Anger IRE
Auto fuel GAS
Bausch's partner LOMB
Big party FETE
Bill TAB
Bjorn of tennis lore BORG
Camera part LENS
Cattle call? MOO
Cracker spread PATE
Crimson Tide, for short BAMA
Elderly AGED
Facility EASE
From the beginning ANEW
Gets a glimpse of SEES
Good glasses STEMWARE
Help AID
Homer's interjection DOH
Horse's neck hair MANE
Impale STAB
Clues Answers
In the thick of AMID
Jungle expedition SAFARI
Leg joint KNEE
Legislations LAWS
Letter jumble (Abbr.) ANAG
Long story SAGA
Make a mistake ERR
Move to another country EMIGRATE
Needing more sleep, maybe GROGGY
Nervous EDGY
On an angle TILTED
One of the Three Bears PAPA
Outlet VENT
Party souvenirs FAVORS
Prayer ending AMEN
Prosperous THRIVING
Recede EBB
Reeked STANK
Rocker Clapton ERIC
Rough calculation ESTIMATE
Sandwich cookie OREO
Sock part TOE
Standard NORMAL
Tiers ROWS
Treaty PACT
Tree fluid SAP
Tummy muscles ABS
Uniformity EVENNESS