Universal - Mar 3 2012

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Clues Answers
"... by ___ other name ..." ANY
"And now, without further ___" ADO
"Bald" birds EAGLES
"Battlefield Earth" author HUBBARD
"Dear" one in a business letter SIR
"Enough already!" STOP
"High Hopes" insect ANT
"Letters From ___ Jima" IWO
"The Dukes of Hazzard" deputy sheriff ENOS
"The ___ Who Loved Me" SPY
"To the max" indicator EST
"___ as the ocean" ASDEEP
"___, sesame!" OPEN
15 percent of a bill, perhaps TIP
A carpenter, at times NAILER
A puppy's bite NIP
Actor Kinnear GREG
Afternoon rest SIESTA
Agenda component ITEM
All filled up SATED
Antelopes on the Serengeti GNUS
Aquarium contents WATER
Auto club service TOW
Award for a Brit. officer DSO
Away from each other APART
Bagpipe sounds DRONES
Baseball card brand TOPPS
Basic idea GIST
Biggest artery AORTA
Bro's bro SIB
California border lake TAHOE
Cash register drawer TILL
Conceal in one's hand PALM
Confidential PERSONAL
Consumed ATE
Costello's crony ABBOTT
Describe the action NARRATE
Drive forward PROPEL
Emerald Isle EIRE
Clues Answers
End of the small intestine ILEUM
Escapes through pores SEEPS
Feeling during an upheaval UNREST
Fiddle around on a flute TOOTLE
Flat-bottomed freight boat BARGE
Full of life VIBRANT
Give a hand, say LEND
Good in awkward spots ADROIT
Greek vowel IOTA
Hand-dyed fabrics BATIKS
Harlem b-ballers GLOBETROTTERS
Harvard student's rival ELI
Hindu teachings SUTRAS
Improvise at the jazz club VAMP
IOU verb OWE
It can be indecent EARTHINESS
Junk mail addressee RESIDENT
Kolkata queen RANI
Large deer WAPITI
Loosen, as a bra UNHOOK
Lyric tribute ODE
Mexican border state SONORA
Nearsighted people MYOPES
Odalisque's place HAREM
Piglike relatives of rhinos and horses TAPIRS
Ship's petty officer BOSUN
Sorority letter RHO
Speak after downing a bottle of rum SLUR
Telephoned RANG
That woman HER
The loneliest number ONE
The United States, notably WORLDPOWER
Uno plus due TRE
Walk-___ (clients sans appointments) INS
What tithers pay to the church ATENTH
Without further delay NOW
Word of encouragement TRY
___ 500 (Stock index) SANDP
___ whim (spontaneously) ONA