New York Times - Mar 2 2012

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Clues Answers
'Beau Geste' headgear KEPI
'Sax All Night' New Ager TESH
'SCTV' lineup SKITS
6 letters MNO
Adjust one's sights REAIM
Apollo's chariot 'passenger' SUN
Asia-to-Africa link SINAI
Asset PLUS
Beloved 'Immortal Beloved' piece MOONLIGHTSONATA
Big race sponsor STP
Box-office take GATE
Burger go-withs SHAKES
Carmen ___ ('The Producers' role) GHIA
Center for cat-tails? ONINE
Chihuahua scratch? PESO
Cut takers: Abbr AGTS
Dishes fit for astronomers? RADIOTELESCOPES
Do some recharging REST
Ear-related OTIC
Exeter exclamation ISAY
Fan setting LOW
Georgetown athlete HOYA
Grade sch. subject SCI
Grp. concerned with bowls NCAA
Gunsmith with Smith WESSON
Had a lot to digest FEASTED
Hagar's wife HELGA
Handy-andy's letters DIY
Highly decorated Bradley OMAR
Hmong homeland LAOS
How this puzzle's black squares are arranged NONCONTIGUOUSLY
Ice cream mix-in OREO
Interior decorator's suggestion ART
It has a sticking point HYPO
Clues Answers
It is in Spain ESTA
King, in Cape Verde REI
Lays atop SETSON
Longtime Russian acronym TASS
Matched up, after 'in' SYNC
Mean cur, typically BITER
Mtge. broker's come-on REFI
On the 31-Across side ALEE
One may say 'I'm with stupid' TEE
Panglossian person ETERNALOPTIMIST
Place to go in Soho LOO
Polynesian farewell song ALOHAOE
Pre-stunt provocation TOPTHIS
Prefix with many fruit names CRAN
Responsibility for a groundskeeper ESTATE
Restless ITCHY
Round-trip flight? SPIRALSTAIRCASE
SALT I and II, e.g PACTS
Sandy shade ECRU
Second-largest city in Finland ESPOO
Security requests IDENTIFICATIONS
See 32-Across SAFE
Some kind of ___ ANUT
South Asian chant word KRISHNA
Southeast Asian holiday TET
Star in Cetus MIRA
Tackles a tough task TESTSONESMETTLE
The miss in 'Miss Saigon' KIM
They may have you in stitches, in brief ORS
Thing worked on in a garage ENGINE
Things worked under in a garage HOODS
W. Coast clock setting PST
What an express often whizzes by: Abbr STA
___ Dogg Pound (rap duo) THA
___ question YESNO