USA Today - Feb 29 2012

Clues Answers
"Not a moment ___ soon!" TOO
"Peer Gynt" character ASE
"The Terminator" heroine Connor SARAH
"Wide" partner FAR
"___ Flux" (Charlize Theron movie) AEON
"___ Frome" (Edith Wharton classic) ETHAN
1969 Nobel Peace Prize grp ILO
3-D, as some books POPUP
A hasty one can be beat RETREAT
Activate, as lights TURNON
Air a view OPINE
Airline seat features TRAYS
Alfresco OPENAIR
Animated school bus driver OTTO
Attempts at baskets SHOTS
Aware of ONTO
Badgerlike mammal RATEL
Baldwin of "The Departed" ALEC
Based on the number eight OCTAL
Bruce of kung fu films LEE
Butcher-shop purchase MUTTON
Chronicles ANNALS
Cinema can content REEL
City known for manufacturing rubber AKRON
Code used at an ATM PIN
Coin replaced by the euro PESETA
Common man of ancient Rome PLEB
Container for oil or vinegar CRUET
Couple's pronoun OUR
Cover up some roots REDYE
Decree ___ (legal term) NISI
Density symbol, in physics RHO
Dilly-dallying IDLE
Dispatch vessel AVISO
Disturbing the peace, Idaho-style NOISYINBOISE
Eggs benedictus? OVA
Empaneled opossum POGO
Employee discount, e.g PERK
Expression of disgust UGH
Clues Answers
Folded sheet of paper FOLIO
Follower of Christ? MAS
Formal no-no SHORTS
Freedom from pain RELIEF
Garb for a painter SMOCK
Gentler partner? KINDER
Intellectual conclusion? ISM
Jar shutter LID
Less contaminated PURER
Like headphones STEREO
Long curtains DRAPES
Lowest high tide NEAP
Major employer in Hawaii DOLE
Mannerly chaps GENTS
Minnesota town's little white lie? UNTRUTHINDULUTH
Name in "Candle in the Wind" NORMA
Narrow rug RUNNER
Neuter SPAY
Note after fa SOL
Office furnishing DESK
Partner of "calm" and "collected" COOL
Plant used in cosmetics ALOE
Rabbit-sized rodent AGOUTI
Ready money CASH
Red-hot barbecue nugget COAL
Road-litter item CAN
Root of the taro EDDO
She works with Simon PAULA
Sizable coffee servers URNS
Smidgens IOTAS
Spam producer HORMEL
Stabbing, as pain ACUTE
Sting operation TRAP
Stolen from a Georgia city? TAKENINMACON
The law's long limb? ARM
Thing that Sgt. Friday requested FACT
Throw into confusion ADDLE
Tipsy and then some LIT
Zeno, e.g STOIC