- Feb 27 2012

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Clues Answers
''Get __ writing!'' ITIN
''See __ care!'' IFI
Adam and Eve's garden EDEN
Author's representative AGENT
Bank transaction LOAN
Be forced offstage GETTHEHOOK
Be unselfish SHARE
Boxing decision: Abbr TKO
Browse online SURFTHENET
Burst open POP
Carried out, as laws ENFORCED
Checker or puck DISC
Chess or charades GAME
Chessmen that move diagonally BISHOPS
Company's symbol LOGO
Copier ink TONER
Cry of dismay OHNO
Diarist __ Frank ANNE
Dogs and hamsters PETS
Dot in the ocean ISLET
Editor's ''don't change'' STET
Equally split INHALF
External OUTER
First day of summer or winter SOLSTICE
Fork prong TINE
Formal dances BALLS
Give off EMIT
Golfer's standard PAR
Gospel writer LUKE
Group of troops UNIT
Has left for lunch ISOUT
Help run, as a party COHOST
Hero's award MEDAL
Holier-than-__ THOU
Impolite look LEER
In a constricting way TIGHTLY
Clues Answers
Joke's ending PUNCHLINE
Landed ALIT
Licorice flavoring ANISE
Make a mistake GOOFUP
Makes a mistake ERRS
Malice SPITE
Minister, for short REV
Motion of the ocean TIDE
Movie FILM
Native American carving TOTEMPOLE
Nevada city RENO
Not well-lit DIM
On __ (trying to lose weight) ADIET
Pale with fright ASHEN
Postal delivery MAIL
Prefix meaning ''equal'' ISO
Prop up BRACE
Recipe amt TSP
Recipe direction STIR
Require NEED
Scottish cap TAM
Scoundrel CAD
Sees to TENDS
Service charge FEE
Space shuttle org NASA
Starting squad ATEAM
Take it easy RELAX
Tax-__ (like municipal bonds) EXEMPT
Trout tempter LURE
Two of a kind PAIR
Unruly child BRAT
Violin container CASE
Wear out at the edges FRAY
Western Canadian territory YUKON
Winter Olympian SKIER
Without a date STAG
__-day (vitamin dose) ONEA