New York Times - May 31 2004

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Clues Answers
'La Bohème,' e.g. OPERA
'Schindler's ___' LIST
'___ we having fun yet?' ARE
'___, vidi, vici' (Caesar's boast) VENI
1847 Melville novel OMOO
Actor Connery SEAN
Alehouse TAVERN
Ancient Greek marketplace AGORA
April 15 deadline agcy. IRS
Building next to a barn SILO
Bulletin board stickers TACKS
C.I.A. operatives AGENTS
Caribbean resort island ARUBA
Chicago-based Superstation WGN
Classic muscle car GTO
Conclude, with 'up' WRAP
Concoct DEVISE
Deadly FATAL
Deodorant type SPRAY
Exam mark GRADE
Except that BUT
Feature of Texaco's logo, once REDSTAR
Flat-topped hill MESA
Fond du ___, Wis. LAC
German engraver Albrecht DURER
Gershwin's '___ Rhythm' IGOT
Govern RULE
Greek counterpart of 27-Down EROS
Gun-toting gal MOLL
India's locale ASIA
Inviting smell AROMA
Kitchen closet PANTRY
Laser printer powder TONER
Left, at sea PORT
Mediocre SOSO
Clues Answers
Miscellanies OLIOS
Mitchell who sang 'Big Yellow Taxi' JONI
Mysterious quality AURA
Noted rapper/actor ICET
Number of points for a field goal THREE
Offer on a 'Wanted' poster REWARD
Ohio birthplace of William McKinley NILES
Period in history ERA
Periods in history AGES
Prayer's end AMEN
Prisoner who'll never get out LIFER
Puppy sounds YAPS
Put forth, as a theory POSIT
Puts up, as a tower ERECTS
Radio host John TESH
Reason to say 'pee-yew!' ODOR
Roman counterpart of 15-Across CUPID
Sainted ninth-century pope LEOIV
Savings for old age: Abbr. IRA
Sawbuck TEN
Sign of boredom YAWN
Singer Brickell EDIE
Sold, to an auctioneer GONE
Some Father's Day callers SONS
Sports jacket feature LAPEL
Stetsons, e.g. HATS
Take the witness stand TESTIFY
TV's 'Mayberry ___' RFD
Vicinity AREA
War horse STEED
Washington's ___ Stadium RFK
Where the action is ARENA
Whole bunch SLEW
Widespread VAST
Wonderland girl ALICE
Worker with circus lions TAMER
Young fellow LAD
___ vu DEJA