Eugene Sheffer - King Feature Syndicate - Feb 24 2012

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Clues Answers
'Caught ya!' AHA
'Charlotte's --' WEB
'I don't give --!' AHOOT
'Little Shop of Horrors' role SEYMOUR
'M*A*S*H' clerk RADAR
'Three Men -- Horse' ONA
-- Major URSA
200 milligrams CARAT
Afternoon affair TEA
Alluring attraction GLAMOUR
Away from WSW ENE
Bankroll WAD
Banned pesticide DDT
Basin accessory EWER
Blond shade ASH
Bobble ERR
Cognizant AWARE
Colombia's capital BOGOTA
Comic Sykes WANDA
Commotion TODO
Crafty SLY
Curved flight path ARC
Destroy WRECK
Dog's foot PAW
Emcee Sajak PAT
Eye layer UVEA
Feathery neckwear BOA
Foreheads BROWS
Foreign policy grp NSC
Free-runners' sport PARKOUR
Great quintet? LAKES
Clues Answers
Grumbling sound MURMUR
House of worship CHURCH
It may be a proper subject NOUN
Libertines ROUES
Louvre or Prado MUSEUM
Mistreated ABUSED
Morsel BIT
New Jersey airport city NEWARK
Obtained GOT
Oregon's capital SALEM
Overhead ABOVE
Postage STAMP
Rhyming tribute ODE
Roughhousing lass TOMBOY
Settle a loan REPAY
Sew loosely BASTE
Show to be false REBUT
Skin (Suff.) DERMA
Standard USUAL
Still YET
Swelled head EGO
Take forcibly WREST
Tear asunder REND
That girl HER
Tousle, as hair MUSS
Treaties PACTS
Type squares ENS
Upper limb ARM
Verily YEA
Without acting IDLY