Eugene Sheffer - King Feature Syndicate - Feb 23 2012

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Clues Answers
'-- She Lovely' ISNT
'CSI' evidence DNA
'Eureka!' AHA
'You've Got --' MAIL
24 bottles CASE
Actor McBride CHI
Beige ECRU
BPOE members ELKS
Camper's shelter TENT
Catherine, Henry VIII's sixth wife PARR
Choker location NECK
Congregation's cry AMEN
Deposit LAY
Dien Bien -- (Vietnam city) PHU
Dilbert's workplace DESK
Eastern potentate EMIR
Elevator name OTIS
Ernesto Guevara CHE
Excellent, in slang PHAT
Garb for Superman CAPE
Genesis name SEGA
Get better HEAL
Government in power REGIME
Grand story EPIC
In the preceding month ULTIMO
Individual ONE
Israeli airline ELAL
Lighthouse light BEACON
Literary collection ANA
Middle-ear membrane TYMPANUM
Moreover AND
Mornings (Abbr.) AMS
Clues Answers
Mother MA
Needlenose tool PLIERS
Nostalgic, in a way HOMESICK
Of Hebrew descent JEWISH
Old card game SKAT
One disinclined to do the town HOMEBODY
Owns HAS
Periodical, for short MAG
Personal question? WHO
Port of Yemen ADEN
Ram's mate EWE
Salamander EFT
Scoff JAPE
Shade source ELM
Shaving cream additive ALOE
Snake-related OPHIDIAN
Student's assignment HOMEWORK
Tardy LATE
To and -- FRO
Tokyo's old name EDO
Towel designation HIS
Tranquil PLACID
Trawler need NET
Unopened SEALED
Vocal comeback ECHO
Wealth source LODE
Weep CRY
Where you grew up HOMETOWN
Wrestling surface MAT
You and I WE