L.A. Times Daily - Feb 19 2012

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Clues Answers
"Blame It on the __ Nova": 1963 hit BOSSA
"Dies __" IRAE
"Good Eats" series creator __ Brown ALTON
"Hmm ..." GEE
"Hmm ..." IWONDER
"It's __ Unusual Day": 1948 song AMOST
"Kitchen Nightmares" host Gordon RAMSAY
"Not again" OHBOY
"Oliver!" chorus members ORPHANS
"__ a stinker?": Bugs Bunny line AINTI
"__ Bulba": Gogol novel TARAS
"__ the news today, oh boy": Beatles lyric IREAD
A, as in Athens ALPHA
Action film heroes are often in it PERIL
Address for a bride, often MRS
Address the throng ORATE
Advice from 114-Across? CHEEP
Advice from 23-Across? SNORT
Advice from 41-Across? BAA
Advice from 57-Across? ARF
Advice from 82-Across? MEOW
Advice from 96-Across? OINK
Air conditioner brand that's "hard to stop" TRANE
Angle toward the sky UPTILT
Auto financing org GMAC
Banded quartz AGATE
Bank jobs HEISTS
Baseball commissioner since the '90s SELIG
Beckon from afar CALLTO
Big head EGO
Bottom line amount SUM
Calendario start ENERO
Came to a close ENDED
Caress, wave-style LAPAT
Cathedral toppers SPIRES
Certain Tibetan LHASAN
Chip off the old flock? SECT
Choir section ALTOS
Choir section APSE
Chucklehead DOPE
Comical Martha RAYE
Design deg MFA
Designer Saarinen EERO
Docket load CASES
Fashion monogram YSL
Fast punch JAB
First name in scat ELLA
Flower toxic to cows, ironically BUTTERCUP
Forest friends of Frodo ENTS
Fox sci-fi series FRINGE
Freeway entrances RAMPS
Gathers bit by bit GLEANS
Genealogist's handiwork TREE
Get fresh with SASS
Gift to play with NEWTOY
Give it a shot TRYTO
Glassy-eyed one STARER
Go around BYPASS
High flier JET
Historical period AGE
Hockey Hall of Famer Gordie HOWE
Hoity-toity sort SNOB
Home of Zeno ELEA
Impetuously HEADFIRST
Innsbruck iron EISEN
Insect stage IMAGO
It may be hidden AGENDA
Clues Answers
It'll never fly EMU
Ivanhoe's beloved ROWENA
Korbut and others OLGAS
L.A.'s Getty Center, e.g MUS
Lat neighbors ABS
Leave no doubt about ENSURE
Legend automaker ACURA
Less ruddy PALER
Like one's conscience, hopefully CLEAR
Like some chips RIDGED
Longtime Moore co-star ASNER
Longtime sportscaster Harmon MERLE
Many MIT grads ENGS
Mint product MONEY
Minute minute pt NSEC
Neil Armstrong, e.g., before becoming an astronaut TESTPILOT
Novelist Seton ANYA
On a streak REDHOT
Once more AGAIN
One-eighty UIE
OR figures MDS
Orch. section STR
Percent add-on ILE
Physics subject ATOM
Pipe collar FLANGE
Place to hear a cowbell LEA
Play a part ACT
Play the fife TOOTLE
Pockets picked at a deli? PITAS
Poor writing PAP
Portuguese lady DONA
Posed SAT
Prime meridian hrs GMT
Put away dishes? EAT
Puts away cargo LADES
Racehorses PONIES
Scale fourths FAS
Shaver PLANE
Shot glass JIGGER
Sister of Lustica in "Born Free" ELSA
Six-Day War hero DAYAN
Slow Churned ice cream EDYS
Small engine MOTOR
Small fry TYKES
Some govt. heads PMS
Speak against NAYSAY
Sporty VW GTI
Star Wars letters SDI
Strikers' org.? PBA
Suffix for stink AROO
Suspends HANGS
Table d'__: fixed menu HOTE
Tamiroff of "Touch of Evil" AKIM
Time and __ AHALF
Too amusing for words RICH
Two-event events BIATHLONS
Unexpected victory UPSET
USA rival TBS
Vertical PLUMB
Vintage stereos HIFIS
Whence some moms are greeted SIDELINES
Where the Piper piped HAMELIN
Whimper MEWL
Word in an ultimatum ELSE
Writes poorly? MISSPELLS
Yoga position LOTUS
__ a limb OUTON
__ buco OSSO