Wall Street Journal - Feb 10 2012 - February 10, 2012 - My Funny Valentine

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Clues Answers
'Casablanca' co-star LORRE
'Crikey!' EGADS
'Death in Venice' author MANN
'Homicide' actor Kyle SECOR
'It's ___!' ('We'll go out together!') ADATE
'Joachim's Dream' painter GIOTTO
'Let ___' ITBE
'Let's leave ___ that' ITAT
'Render ___ Caesar...' UNTO
'Sweet Talkin' Woman' band ELO
'Talk to me' IMALLEARS
'The Mammoth Hunters' writer AUEL
'U Can't Touch This' rapper MCHMMER
'You Shouldn't Kiss Me Like This' singer Keith TOBY
Abandons, as a bad habit UNLEARNS
Actress who became a first lady EVAPERON
Asian gong TAMTAM
Assortment of chocolates BOX
Baseball's 'Iron Horse' GEHRIG
Bob who narrates 'How I Met Your Mother' SAGET
British shelter for the poor ALMSHOUSE
Brought under control REINEDIN
California's Big ___ SUR
Capital on the Red River HNOI
Cartoonist Thomas NAST
Cherokee's chopper TOMAHWK
Chummy couple? EMS
City near Provo OREM
Code-cracking org NSA
Complete fake SHM
Concert stage collection AMPS
Cupid, for one GOD
Deli order HMONRYE
Deputy: Abbr ASST
Dian Fossey subject APE
Directly ATONCE
Do a dog trick BEG
Dogpatch girl DAISYMAE
Door fastener HSP
Double helix component DNASTRAND
Down ___ knee (ready to pop the question) ONONE
Drink whose name means 'good' in Tahitian MAITAI
Drop out of a hand FOLD
Drug agent NARCO
Duet feature HRMONY
En ___ (in full court) BANC
Fabled racer HRE
Fabulous fiddle STRAD
First name in soul ARETH
Fish sticks? RODS
Flamboyant wrap BOA
Followed faithfully ADHEREDTO
Founder of Fortune LUCE
Frazier foe ALI
Gather into a bundle SHEAVE
George Plimpton's hockey book OPENNET
German steel family KRUPPS
Grand Teton Natl. Park setting WYO
Gray and Hutchinson ASAS
Guacamole base AVOCADO
Habitrail inhabitant HMSTER
Hall's musical partner OATES
Honoree of this puzzle SWEETIE
Hug providers ARMS
Ignore a 1960s slogan MAKEWAR
Iris setting EYE
Jessica of 'Fantastic Four' ALBA
Kahlua competitor TIAMARIA
Kittenish Kitt EARTH
Kovalchuk of the NHL ILYA
Clues Answers
Krypton, for one NOBLEGAS
LA-to-Bakersfield heading NNW
Labor Dept. agency OSH
Lease signer RENTER
Length of many harness racing tracks HLFMILE
Letters on a bad check NSF
Like Willie Nelson's singing NASAL
Lob's trajectory ARC
Long journey TREK
Loosen EASE
Luau greeting ALOH
Lucy of 'Kill Bill' LIU
Make hay BALE
Marvin who hosted 'Meet the Press' KALB
Moratorium BAN
Muesli bit OAT
Narrow waterway STRAIT
Nine-___ (short golf course) HOLER
No-win situation STALEMATE
Old PC monitor CRT
Old-fashioned denial TISNT
One of Heart's Wilson sisters ANN
Painted view SCAPE
Passionate type ROMANCER
Pay stub? OLA
PC accessory FAXMODEM
Peke's perch LAP
Polygraph detections LIES
Precarious TOUCHNDGO
Presidential emblem SEAL
Raised trains ELS
Robust HLE
Sailor GOB
Salts variety EPSOM
Sharp ridges ARETES
Show's partner TELL
Siberian sleighs TROIKAS
Silver-white metallic element BARIUM
Skye of 'Say Anything...' IONE
So great SUCH
Spanish 101 verb ESTAR
Spheres REALMS
Starbucks order MOCH
Suite door posting ROOMRATE
Swahili honorific BWANA
Symbol of Iris RAINBOW
Tap setting KEG
Tears into HSAT
Top story ATTIC
Torch bearers SCONCES
Triangle ratios SINES
Truck stop fare HSH
Turkish bigwig AGH
Unlikely place for free spirits BAR
Valentine sentiment LOVE
Valentine, e.g SAINT
Verizon, for one TELECOM
Warring son of Zeus ARES
Weather map lines ISOBARS
White robe ALB
Wild plum with a sour flavor SLOE
William and Harry attended it ETON
Wispy pasta ANGELHIR
With a red face, perhaps ASHMEDLY
Words of wonder OHS
Writer Bret HRTE
Yemen's capital SANAA
___ Locks (Great Lakes passage) SOO
___ Men ('Who Let the Dogs Out?' band) BAH