USA Today - May 26 2004

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Clues Answers
"I want a doggy biscuit!" ARF
"Seabiscuit" nail-biter RACE
"Y'know what ___?" IMEAN
"___ Lucy" ILOVE
"___ See Clearly Now" ICAN
Able to bounce back RESILIENT
Airport monitor info ARR
Amorphous form BLOB
Andrew's nickname OLDHICKORY
Andy's TV son OPIE
Caffeine's effect KICK
California peak SHASTA
Card player's cry HITME
Carrier to Tokyo JAL
Church areas APSES
City near Milwaukee RACINE
Coral formations REEFS
Cropped up AROSE
Designer label letters DKNY
Desktop image ICON
Eight states touch it (Abbr.) TENN
Emit coherent light LASE
Emulated Pinocchio LIED
Fight for breath GASP
Fledgling TYRO
Garrisons FORTS
Gown designer Wang VERA
Harry Hamlin vehicle LALAW
Henry's nickname SCOOP
Hungarian politico Nagy IMRE
In the company of AMONG
Influence PULL
It's said to be more LESS
Jenny with the diet program CRAIG
Lbs. and ozs. WTS
Like the people in today's theme JACKSONIAN
Lotte of "From Russia With Love" LENYA
Love, Spanish-style AMOR
Make casseroles BAKE
Clues Answers
Maker of silver linings? ALCOA
Man Bonds is chasing AARON
Michael's nickname KINGOFPOP
Monk's head cover HOOD
Muscle mag cover story, perhaps FLATABS
Neaten TIDY
Old station identification ESSO
Once more AGAIN
Part of a barrel STAVE
Party pooper BOOR
Possessed OWNED
Postmortem bio OBIT
Put into words SAY
Reggie's nickname MROCTOBER
River near Kassel, Germany EDER
Seniors org. AARP
Serena, to Venus KIDSISTER
Seth's boy ENOS
Sharpen WHET
Sommer of film ELKE
Speed skater Ohno APOLO
Still life object VASE
Still life object EWER
Super Bowl stats YDS
Swell event? TIDALWAVE
Tale with a point FABLE
The last Mrs. Chaplin OONA
Ticket's end STUB
Took off RAN
Type of miss NEAR
Typeface extensions KERNS
Unisex skirts SARONGS
Up to the job ABLE
Value system ETHIC
Wharton School subj. ECON
Wine label word CRU
Words to a baby on the rise? UPSYDAISY
Yarn colorings DYES
___-garde AVANT