USA Today - May 24 2004

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Clues Answers
"Blessed ___" (Baez album) ARE
"Land of the rising sun" JAPAN
"Star Wars" elite JEDI
Activist DOER
Actor who declined an Oscar BRANDO
Addams' cousin ITT
Ark invitees PAIRS
Astound FLOOR
Baseball's Weaver EARL
Billiards item RACK
Cartridge filler INK
Celeb on ice ORR
Church supporters TITHES
Clothes line HEM
Cream of the sports crop ALLSTARS
Crepe de Chine SILK
Curiosity victim CAT
D.D.E. concern WWII
Definition of statesmanship, Part 1 DIPLOMACYIS
Double-cross BETRAY
Earthy color SIENNA
End of the definition HAVEYOURWAY
Exchange letters? NYSE
Flair ELAN
Fraternity letter ETA
Fried rice cooker WOK
Gather AMASS
Gender-specific pronoun HIM
Geological periods ERAS
Giovanni, for one DON
Golfer Ernie ELS
Grimm guy HANSEL
Heidi trademark BRAID
In between AMID
Increases UPS
It requires many keys PIANO
It's often broken LAW
Clues Answers
L.A.-to-Santa Barbara dir. NNW
Laos-Thailand border river MEKONG
Large container VAT
Like a candy cane MINTY
Michener classic HAWAII
Mighty soldier WARRIOR
N2O, e.g. GAS
New beginning? NEO
No Doubt's Stefani GWEN
Not quite nada UNO
Novelist Zola EMILE
One of the five W's WHO
One-time NATO cousin SEATO
Part 2 of the definition THEARTOFLETTING
Part 3 of the definition THEOTHERFELLOWS
Patch type IRONON
Peace offering, once PIPE
Pres. Truman creation NSC
Puts up ERECTS
Quiescent INERT
Relinquish CEDE
Roman date IDES
Romance WOO
Rope fiber RAMIE
Schedule uncertainty (Abbr.) TBA
Sentiment EMOTION
Serve up the drinks TEND
She was Julie in "Show Boat" AVA
Sister of Meg and Beth AMY
Sound after littering, sometimes MEW
Sudden pang TWINGE
Swindled STUNG
Tool with teeth RAKE
Trilogy ending III
Uncomfortably full SATED
Word with real and cracking GET